Horse Riding Picture Went Viral: Kristen Hancher Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kristen Hancher Biography

Kristen Hancher Biography

Kristen Hancher was born on May 17, 1999, in Canada. Standing at 5 foot 9 inches and weighing 60 kgs.  Kristen is a Macedonian in ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, quite matching her social as well as personal stature. The Taurian has a super cool younger brother Derek.  One of the best social persons around the world Kristen is really down to earth person and is really a social person who loves her family very much.

Kristen Hancher Age

She is 20 years old.

Kristen HancherSocial Media Star

As a popular social media star, she has over 9 million followers on and social media worldwide. I feel there isn’t anyone who hasn’t seen her videos featuring popular musical numbers. And most likely videos of her lip-synching to songs. WOW, how scintillating are those.

Kristen Hancher Shining on the media

She is a really outgoing person who loves sports and traveling. We can see from her blogs and Medias, regularly posting travelogues and amazing photos. She is very popular on Instagram and has a strong interest in nature photography. New fashion statement has always been her style. We can see similar things of her videos comment on clothing brands and fashion. She is also an artist and art lover, an avid dancer, and a fitness enthusiast. So, guys, follow her Instagram to view an awesome view of the blonde maiden.
Going into her media life, her videos depict her views on popular trends, dressing, and hairstyles, as well as music. There is the combination of her interest in acting, dance, gymnastics, and music making it a masterpiece.

Kristen Hancher Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is $1 Million Approx. This is the accumulated amount that she makes from her media presence, music, and actin

Kristen Hancher Instagram


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Kristen Hancher Youtube

Kristen Hancher Viral Pics/Image

Influencer Kristen Hancher, 20 — who boasts 5.8 million followers on Instagram and one million subscribers on YouTube — attended a brand trip to Anguilla recently where she decided to have a photo shoot on a horse in open water.

The picture shared Tuesday, captioned ‘Old Town Road’ by the influencer, sparked negative feedback from followers, though, who claimed she was endangering the horse with her photoshoot.

Although the post quickly became one of Kristen’s most liked post — gaining more than 365,000 likes in three days — it also received backlash from followers who thought the photoshoot endangered the horse.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Kristen Hancher, 20, received backlash after sharing a photo from a brand trip  that saw her riding a horse in open water 
  • Commenters attacked the influencer for potentially endangering the animal
  • People claimed Kristen was sitting on the horse incorrectly and therefore putting it at risk while in the water 
  • ‘All the actual equestrians like myself are quaking,’ one commenter wrote 
  • Kristen’s team responded to the backlash claiming a guide was with the influencer the entire time and that the animal was never in danger  


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