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Mom Charged Murder Kidnapping Throwing Her Newborn Baby: Krista Noelle Madden Biography, Wiki, Age, 10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Krista Noelle Madden Biography

Krista Noelle Madden, 35, a mother who initially reported that she and her infant daughter had been kidnapped, has been charged with attempted first-degree murder.
Krista Noelle Madden
A resident found the baby at the bottom of a 75-foot ravine next to a car seat and called for help. This happened about three hours after Madden made the first 911 call claiming she had escaped from masked kidnappers but that the suspects had taken her daughter. Officials now say Madden lied and that there was no evidence that a kidnapping took place.

The baby, whose first name is Shaylie, was taken to a hospital and is reportedly in “very good condition,” according to Henderson County Sheriff Lowell Griffin.
Krista Noelle Madden

Krista Noelle Madden Wiki

Krista Noelle Madden lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband, Jesse. They have been married since 2009. The couple also has an older daughter named Treya Charlotte, who was born in 2016. Madden shared on Facebook on March 18 that Shaylie Quinn Madden had been born two days prior. She wrote at the time that they both were doing well and were ready to come home.

Madden works as a nurse anesthetist, according to her Facebook page. She earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Idaho State University in 2006 and a master’s degree from Westminster College in Salt Lake City in 2013.
Krista Noelle Madden

Sheriff Griffin shared in the May 10 news conference that investigators believe Madden acted alone and that she was responsible for Shaylie going over the bank and into the ravine. He explained that officials reached that conclusion after speaking with Madden’s husband and other family members. He did not share details about those specific conversations.
The district attorney also shared in the news conference that Madden would be represented by two defense attorneys: Sean P. Devereux from Asheville and Jason G. Blackwell of Henderson County. He added that he expects the defense to request that Madden be evaluated for post-partum depression.
Krista Noelle Madden

10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Krista Madden, 35, has been charged with first-degree attempted murder in connection to the alleged hoax kidnapping of her seven-week-old daughter
  • Baby Shaylie Madden was found injured but alive at the bottom of a ravine in North Carolina Thursday night 
  • Madden reported that she and Shaylie had been kidnapped by masked man and woman, but she was able to escape 
  • A woman later called 911, saying she and her husband found Madden’s baby injured in a ravine 
  • Madden is a registered nurse with a husband and two children 
  • Sheriff: Krista Noelle Madden Called Police on May 9 & Claimed That She & Her Daughter Had Been Kidnapped By Two Suspects Wearing Ski Masks
  • A Resident Called 911 After Finding Baby Shaylie at the Bottom of a Ravine; His Wife Had Heard the Baby Crying When She Walked Out to the Mailbox
  • Sheriff: There is No Evidence That a Kidnapping Occurred & Madden Has Been Charged With Attempted Murder
  • Krista Noelle Madden Acted Alone, Detectives Concluded After Speaking With her Husband & Other Family MembersMadden is a Registered Nurse Anesthetist & the Mother of Two Children

Krista Noelle Madden