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Mother Killed by Husband with Two Sons: Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzky Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Husband (David Schladetzky), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzky

Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzky Bio, Wiki

Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzkyis from Minnesota. She was killed with her two sons in her home Minnesota. She was shot by her ex-husband David Schladetzky with her two young sons, first son William was only 11 years old and Nelson was just 8 years old the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Her ex-husband, David Schladetzky, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzky Age

She was 39 years old.

Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzky Job, Career

Kjersten Schladetzky was worked at an information technology company.

Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzky Divorce

She and her 53-year-old ex-husband were divorced in June 2019.

Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzky Killed in Suicide Murder

The Minneapolis Police Department responded to Kjersten Schladetzky’s house for a shooting report around 10 a.m. on Sunday. Responding officers found the two dead children in the front yard of the house and heard gunfire from inside the house, police said at a press conference. The officers were able to remove the bodies of the children from the yard but did not enter the house. The officers were not sure if there was a hostage or barricade situation inside the house and they remained outside for several hours. The police then entered the house around 3:30 p.m. and found Kjersten and Dave Schladetzky dead.

Erik Wiltscheck, a neighbor, told the Star Tribune that he helped Kjersten Schladetzky to shovel his entry on Sunday morning, just a few hours before she and her children were shot dead by her ex-husband. He said he was walking home from the store when the shooting occurred. He said he saw the children running with coats and backpacks.

“I thought it was a game … Suddenly, the shots began to sound,” he told the newspaper.

Police confirmed that a man shot and killed two children (younger than teenagers) in a house near the intersection of Oakland Ave and 27th St in southern Minneapolis this morning. I talked to a neighbor who told me that I heard a man scream, then a child screaming “dad” and then a shot.

Police said it was a heartbreaking scene. The first officers on the scene heard shots inside the house and, “putting themselves in danger, they ran into the line of possible shots to grab the two children, load them into a patrol car and take them to a safe place.” Both children, unfortunately, have died, “police spokesman John Elder told reporters.\

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