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Kisha Biche’s the one who got struck in the face by Nicholas Shock — this after he went on a racist tirade, describing himself as a white supremacist. Her hubby, Tom Biche, tells TMZ, Kisha actually held off going to the hospital right after the attack, but eventually checked in later that night after the adrenaline wore off and the pain set in.

Kisha Biche Family

Biche is married to Tom Biche who told TMZ that his wife didn’t initially go to the hospital. But she soon started to suffer from headaches, nausea, whiplash and bruising. She was also having a hard time remembering things.

Schock Was Arrested & Charged For Battery and Disturbing the Peace

In a video originally posted by Facebook user Shelley Troyer and removed since then, Schock referred to him as Aryan and a white supremacist. “I am a white supremacist, Aryan Nation will rule the world. People covered with tattoos will be my closest relatives, I promise you. ”
The workers are trying to calm him down, but he is not married. “I’m not giving F ***, please call Donald Trump,” he says. “Do you know Donald Trump? If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going anywhere. ”
Schock continues to walk around the restaurant and makes a lewd comment about one of the women. It was then that he approached Biche, who was trying to prevent him from entering an area where he was a child. He slaps her in the face and is immediately handled by four men. At the end of the clip, he wants President Donald Trump again and tells police officers that they have “psychological problems.”

Kisha Biche GoFundMe

“This is the only Go Fund me approved by Kisha for this, and all funds will be going directly to her and her family,” the description for the fundraiser says. “She is currently being paid her wages from Pops, but is losing out on the tip money her and her family use to survive. Currently, due to the COVID crisis, Kisha is the only one working in her household. ”
“Let’s do our part and make sure she and her family do not have to worry about bills for a while, so she can relax and recover from this brutal assault,” the page adds.
As noted by TMZ, the original goal was set at $ 10,000. After surpassing the first goal, the limit was raised to $ 25,000.
On Monday, Biche thanked everyone for their support and generosity. “Hi everyone it’s been a long few days! First I want to thank everyone for their generosity it is overwhelming how amazing all of you are, ”she wrote. “I have been resting and recovering at home with my family and hope to back to my old self as soon as possible.”
Biche’s husband, Tom Biche, told TMZ she didn’t initially go to the hospital. But she soon started to suffer from headaches, nausea, whiplash and bruising. She’s also having a hard time remembering things.

As it turns out, we’re told she actually suffered a concussion — and she’s experiencing some serious symptoms as a result.
Among those symptoms — headaches, nausea, whiplash and bruising as well, which we’re told is popping up all over her body for some reason. He tells us plainly her head’s not working quite right … she’s having a hard time remembering things.
Lucky for her, we’re told her friends set up a GoFundMe to help her during this difficult time of recovery — and tons of people are pitching in from all over, even strangers.