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Kimi-Rose Webster (The Bachelor NZ 2021) Wiki – Kimi-Rose Webster (The Bachelor NZ 2021) Biography

Kimi-Rose Webster, 27, Auckland, A high school English teacher and die-hard Angelina Jolie fan, she confesses, “I could bake bread, knit and sew before I could read.”
The Bachelor New Zealand has hit all the right notes with its very first celebrity leading man – Sol3 Mio singer and Flava radio host Moses Mackay!
Having spent much of his life travelling for concerts and operas, the 30-year-old Samoan-Kiwi baritone has been brought home by the global pandemic and is using the time to finally find love.
“Life’s about experiences – and this is just another one,” the Celebrity Treasure Island star says, adding that while his mum initially hated the idea, she now sees it as “a chance to put myself first and hopefully find my person”.
When it comes to what Moses is looking for in a partner, he’s after someone with the right kind of energy – someone that when they walk into the room you can feel their heart smiling – and you just know!
So will one of these ladies have that energy that Moses is looking for?