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Massachusetts Woman Assaults 73-Year-Old Trump Supporter: Kiara Dudley Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Kiara Dudley Biography

Kiara Dudley Biography – Kiara Dudley Wiki

Kiara Dudley is a Massachusetts woman who is accused of knocking down a 73-year-old supporter of President Donald Trump.

Kiara Dudley Age

She is 34 years old.

Kiara Dudley Arrested

According to the Douglas Police Department, the Douglas woman was arrested on Saturday (October 17th) after police claimed she had knocked down an elderly man holding a pro-Trump sign. Dudley, 34, was attacked and injured by battering an elderly person.

Kiara Dudley Assaults 73-Year-Old Trump Supporter

“Officials learned from Douglas that a couple was at the crossroads introducing Donald Trump with flags and signs,” DPD said in a statement on Facebook. “About 30 minutes after their arrival, a party opposing their support, which began to scold them with insults, approached them and demanded that they leave.

Date: October 18, 2020

Re: Assault and Battery on Elderly Person Causing Injury

On Saturday, October 17th, 2020 at…

Posted by Douglas PD on Sunday, October 18, 2020


The episode continued, “While the couple tried to get away, the party continued to follow them and beat the gentlemen with their body.”


Dudley was released on cash bail of $ 250 and will be tried at Uxbridge District Court on Monday, October 19, while Douglas police continued.


In the booking photo provided by the Douglas Police Department on Facebook, Dudley is seen carrying a sticker in support of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.


Dudley also liked the groups “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Progressives” and “Democratic Socialism Now”, according to his social media page on Facebook.


The first group dedicated to Ocasio-Cortez claims to be a space for their supporters and is not affiliated with the representative.


The latter says, “It was founded by Occupy Wall Street and Bernie Sanders 2016 veterans who wanted to strengthen the left in the United States.”

Kiara Dudley Victim

According to the Douglas Police Department, the old man who police said Dudley was attacked is a Vietnam veteran.


The episode explained on Facebook: “At one point, the party signed Trump into the Victim Veterans and when he bowed to get him, the party dropped him and injured his finger.


“The victim in this case is a 73-year-old Vietnam Veteran,” the police continued.

Kiara Dudley Facebook

Dudley lives with his wife in Douglas, according to social media pages. Showing Facebook page of two wives who got married in September 2015.


But Dudley’s restricted Facebook page lists Rhode Island as the only place of residence to appear on his account. Her maiden name is Kiara Ciccarelli, according to her Facebook page.


Despite Dudley’s private Facebook account, only a black circle appears in his profile photo, while a cover photo is still shown.


The 34-year-old boy’s headline has a black and white slogan for “Black’s Life Matters.” Commenting under the title, Dudley wrote:


“I support everywhere and no matter what people show for their black and brown lives. There is no safe space for fanatics.”


The Douglas Police Department’s announcement that Dudley was arrested over the weekend inspired a wave of online criticism.


Many of them came to the post to denounce the woman’s actions, having raised over 1,100 shares since then.


“Absolutely awful! It is disturbing for a 34-year-old adult to think such behavior is acceptable, ”one user wrote. “DPD has done a great job of getting justice done.”


Stating that everyone should have the right to support their president, another wrote:


“Regardless of his political stance, this man has won the right to support his president. He should be ashamed of his behavior. Free for Myob. “