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Killed by Sheriff’s Deputies in Hazel Dell, Washington: Kevin Peterson Jr. Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Shooting, Death, Instagram, Facebook

Kevin Peterson Jr. Biography – Kevin Peterson Jr. WIki

Kevin Peterson Jr. is the 21-year-old African American man who was shot dead by Clark County sheriff’s deputies on the evening of October 29 in Hazel Dell, Washington, close to Vancouver.

Peterson was identified on Twitter as the victim of being shot by Olivia Selto, both his girlfriend and the mother of his child. Peterson’s friend, artist Jake Thompson, also identified the 21-year-old as the victim. Heavy reached out to both Selto and Thompson to comment further on the shoot. Heavy reached out to Clark County Sheriff’s department for comment, but was referred to the Camas Police Department, which conducted the investigation independently.

Vancouver Columbian reported that the attack took place in the town on Northeast Highway 99. The newspaper says the investigation concentrated around the US Bank parking lot on the highway. The Colombian reported that the lawmakers were dispatched to the area after receiving a report on the “contact suspect”. It was 17:29. Local time. Paramedics were called to the scene at 17.56. A witness told The Columbian that he saw a person involved in a “argument” with police. The witness said the man was “running.” The witness also said that he heard “many gunshots”.


Olivia Selto told The Columbian that she was on the phone with Peterson before she was shot. Selto said he and Peterson remained on the phone for nine minutes “until the police finally came and hung up the phone.” Selto said, “I heard your last words and everything. I have collapsed and we will provide justice for his unjust death. ”


In a Twitter post, Selto said he timed Peterson when the shoot took place. In a separate tweet, Selto said, “Kevin did everything for me … it doesn’t matter what happened or what time he always came when I ask. I regret every argument, please come back.”


Peterson’s father, Kevin Peterson, said in an interview with the Oregonian that the authorities did not allow him to see his son’s body until 12 hours after the shooting. Peterson graduated from Union High School in Vancouver as part of the class and moved from Portland to the area during middle school. According to the Oregonian.

KATU reported that on October 29, “several dozen protesters” gathered at the scene following Peterson’s murder. A Twitter user with the @MacSmiff ID posted multiple videos and photos from the area around Highway 99. The user said Peterson’s family was on the scene. The user tweeted that the victim knew his sister and added, “Kevin Peterson was 21 years old and had a daughter who was not yet 1 year old. He has to grow up fatherless because the cops regularly shoot Blacks in the back. ”

A watch will be held for Peterson at 7:00 PM on 6829 NE Highway 99 in Vancouver. Local time. Participants are asked to wear black clothes, masks and maintain social distance.

Peterson’s last post on his Twitter page came on the day of his death. Peterson posted a photo of a pair of sneakers.