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Who is Keriann C. Smith (Mother kneeling on son’s neck) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More Facts

Keriann C. Smith (Mother kneeling on son’s neck) Wiki – Keriann C. Smith (Mother kneeling on son’s neck) Biography

Keriann C. Smith is a Wisconsin mother who is accused of kneeling on her son’s neck and asking if he wanted to die like George Floyd, the Kenosha News reports.
Authorities made allegations this week when 37-year-old Keriann accused C. Smith of child abuse, drowning, battery and countless numbers.
On June 20, Smith claimed that he fixed his 14-year-old son on the ground and then held the knee in his throat.
A 5-foot 135-pound mother is accused of asking the question: “Would you like to know how George Floyd died? Something like this is dead. Do you want to die just like him? ”
Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis in May, after the officer held his knee in the throat and pinned him to the ground. The officer who restricted Floyd is charged with murder, and other officers at the scene also face criminal charges. Death created waves of unrest throughout the country, calling for a talk about police reform and systemic racism.
Police officers restricted Floyd, saying he couldn’t breathe.

kneeling on son’s neck and asking him, ‘Do you want to know how George Floyd died?’

Wisconsin investigators said that Smith made a similar reference to his son, and as he claims: “Tell me you can’t breathe. Tell me. (Comprehensive) tell me, ”according to WITI-TV.
The attack took place in the family apartment in Genoa, northwest of Chicago, on the Wisconsin-Illinois border.
The boy called 911 about the incident and his sister recorded the video on the video he shared with the police. According to court records, the video is reported to have Smith kneeling at the child’s neck for 48 seconds and causing him to jump into the air and gasp.
The officers responded and found the child with injuries, including neck abrasions, scratches on the back and bite marks on the shoulder.
She told the child officers that she was afraid of her life and had “done it before” in her criminal complaint. The sister also claimed that her mother had previously punched her and strangled her.
When the police were in residence, the officers observed that when the boy and Smith approached each other, the child “jumped and was markedly frightened by his mother”.
The children also showed the police various medications their mothers had taken; these included marijuana and Trazodone, a prescription drug. Smith faces additional charges for drug possession.
Smith can be sentenced to up to 14 years in prison if convicted. A court hearing is scheduled for August 3.
Smith is free about the vineyard, and the kids have been taken out of the house, which may be what he wants. According to WITI-TV, while police officers were at home, Smith said to the children: “Please take them. I don’t want them anymore. “