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Keonte Jones Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Keonte Jones Biography, Keonte Jones Wiki

A Las Vegas man was arrested on a federal charge Tuesday after he allegedly “goaded” a homeless man into performing a deadly stunt for his Facebook Live in exchange for $6 last month, according to police.

Keonte Jones, 28, is accused of recording another man — 55-year-old Larry Coner – performing various stunts on June 20. Coner had approached Jones and asked him for money, according to a press release from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Wednesday.

The victim attempted the maneuver twice, but only did cartwheels. He tried one more time, this time launching toward his back, but he didn’t land on his feet. He fell with an audible thud, apparently head first. The man identified as Jones laughed. The victim did not get up.\

The #LVMPD arrested a man who paid for a dangerous stunt that led to a homeless man’s death. Caution: the video of this incident is disturbing.https://t.co/PxkzfjGpBF pic.twitter.com/qzdiS7ug3P

— LVMPD (@LVMPD) July 16, 2020

Jones tells viewers on Facebook Live that he recommends Coner do $ 6 stunt.

Keonte Jones Video

In the 10-minute video published by the police, Coner threw two wheels before attempting a comeback, but landed on his head. Bystanders burst out with laughter.

Jones heard him say to the audience. He tells a man who tries to control Coner to leave him alone, that he will be “good”.

An old woman finally intervenes and calls 911. Coner was transferred to the University Medical Center, and 30 days later Fox 5 reported that Las Vegas died from a spinal cord injury.

Jones was arrested Tuesday on a count of willful disregard of a person’s safety. Records show that he posted a surety bond, but do not name an attorney.

Jones was booked to the Clark County Detention Center on Tuesday. It faces a deliberate disrespect that accuses a person’s safety. Las Vegas Sun reported that it issued bail according to the Las Vegas Court of Justice records.