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Kent Mawhinney Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Quick Facts You Need to Know

Kent Mawhinney Bio

Kent Mawhinney is a Connecticut attorney who has been charged in connection to the disappearance of 51-year-old New Canaan mother Jennifer Farber Dulos, the Hartford Courant reports. She was the estranged wife of Fotis Dulos, who was Mawhinney’s client in civil case. Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, have also been charged in Farber Dulos’ murder, according to the Courant.

Kent Mawhinney Age

He is 54 years old

Kent Mawhinney Early Life, Education

Kent Mawhinney, a South Windsor, Connecticut, native, graduated from Babson College in 1987. Mawhinney’s degree was in entrepreneurial studies, according to his Linkedin profile.
He then attended Western New England College School of Law, graduating in 1990.

Kent Mawhinney Career

Kent Mawhinney had been the owner of the law firm Markowitz & Mawhinney based in Bloomfield since at least 2008, according to his Linkedin profile. In October 2019, the law firm was dissolved. According to the Stamford Ombudsman, Mawhinney and his partner, David Markowitz, cited Markowitz’s age of 71, as a reason why the law firm would close. Mawhinney also said he was interested in following immigration law.

Kent Mawhinney Spouses

Mawhinney was previously a partner of Clayman, Markowitz, Tapper & Baram, LLC, in Bloomfield, according to a 2001 wedding announcement in the Courant of his first marriage.

Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis

Jennifer Farber Dulos has been missing since May 2019. Her body has not been found. Mawhinney, Fotis Dulos and Troconis were arrested on January 7, 2020. Dulos was charged with murder, while Mawhinney and Troconis are facing conspiracy to commit murder charges. Mawhinney has not yet been taken into custody. The Courant’s Dave Altimari reports that Connecticut State Police troopers descended on the family court in Hartford on Tuesday to try to find Mawhinney. Dulos and Troconis had previously been arrested in June 2019 on tampering with evidence charges.

Kent Mawhinney Arrest History

Mawhinney, a 54-year-old South Windsor resident, was arrested twice in 2019 in unrelated cases. He was accused in January 2019 with the sexual assault of a spouse after his own estranged wife accused him of rape. He was also charged with unlawful restraint and disorderly conduct in that case. In July 2019, Mawhinney was charged with violation of a protective order. Both cases are still pending and he has been free on a $ 5,000 bond in the sexual assault case and $ 100,000 bond in the protective order violation case.

Kent Mawhinney Sexual Assault Case

Kent Mawhinney and his 46-year-old separated wife have divorced since January 2019, according to Connecticut family court records. He filed for divorce on January 14, 2019. On January 21, 2019, Mawhinney was arrested by South Windsor police and charged with sexual assault on a spouse, a felony and a misdemeanor of illegal second-degree restraint and conduct. messy.
According to court documents obtained by the Manchester Journal Inquirer, Mawhinney and his separated wife were divorcing but still living together in their South Windsor home when the sexual assault occurred on January 20. His separated wife told police that on January 19, he had made sexual advances towards her and tried to have sex with her several times, but he gave up and went to bed after she said no, according to the newspaper.
On January 20, he said Mawhinney grabbed her and took her to bed with him. According to court documents, she told police that he began having sex with her and told him to stop because he was hurting her, but he didn’t. She said she finally kicked him out and he left, but then he came back and had sex with her a second time, according to court documents. She told police she let it happen in the hopes of ending the interaction more quickly.
His separated wife told the police that he returned for the third time that night and had sex with her again, causing significant pain, and this time he circled her neck with his hands and squeezed her, hurting her, but without cutting off her oxygen. Police said in a report that there was a dark discoloration in the woman’s neck consistent with a bruise the next day, but Mawhinney was not charged with strangulation because that charge requires the offender to impede the victim’s ability to breathe or restrict the patient blood circulation victim, reports the Journal Inquirer.
Mawhinney told police that his separated wife had started and agreed to have a sexual activity after entering his room naked, reports the Journal Inquirer. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. He was arrested and then released on bail of $ 5,000.
Mawhinney and his separated wife had a hearing in their divorce case on December 16, according to court records. Another hearing, a pre-trial conference, is scheduled for January 15. Mawhinney is also scheduled to appear in court in criminal cases on January 17.
Mawhinney was previously married to another woman, whom he divorced in 2011, according to online records. He and his first wife had children together and he has been paying child support, court records show. He and his first wife had been married since 2001. Mawhinney and his second wife had no children together, according to court records.