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Who is Kendrick Sampson (punched by police officer) Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Kendrick Sampson (punched by police officer) Wiki – Kendrick Sampson  Biography

HBO ‘Insecure’ actor Kendrick Sampson is seen being punched by a police officer who later arrested him in Colombia.


Sampson shared on his Instagram account of a video recorded by an audience in Cartagena, showing the actor addressing the actor in front of a building before punching him in the face on Tuesday.


The Black Lives Matter activist stumbled upon it, police then unsheathed the service weapon and lifted it before re-placing it, a second police officer stood beside him while another person was looking.


Sampson was later handcuffed and arrested and taken to a local police station.


He also shared a message on his Instagram Story stating that he had been detained for at least eight hours and that police captains came to this hotel to pick up a version of the incident.


Sampson added that he was asked by the agents to identify the police officer.


However, he was skeptical about doing this because “he doesn’t trust this shit”.


Leading the Black Lives Matters protests in Los Angeles, Sampson admitted that he had been stopped six times during his first five days of vacation in Colombia.


“It happens often to black Colombians,” he wrote. I have been told that stopping is a policy, but it is NOT for them to reach out aggressively in my underwear, hit my arms hard 5 times, punch my chin and pull their gun on me.


Then he handcuffed me and dragged me through the streets. I did not resist any legal procedure. ‘


A photo shared by his friend Nataly Reyes in his Instagram Story showed that Sampson expected to prepare a police report after receiving a summons at the police station.


The police have the right to ask for your identity, but they have no right to punch you and pull a gun at someone who has not committed any crime or resisted, or take him to the police station. wants to return his identity and even tries to warn him? ‘wrote in a separate post including the video.


What if this person isn’t shooting? When will this end? It’s time to rethink the use of power. ‘


Sampson urged interested followers to share the video of her arrest, saying ‘visibility’ is her ‘best bodyguard’.


This is a human rights violation that happens every day without being held accountable. Sampson, in his Instagram story, my heart hurts for people abused here in the US and around the world in the shadows (or without accountability in the light of day).


A spokesman for the Colombian Attorney General’s Office told that they were aware of the incident but refused to comment further.


A spokesperson for the Colombian National Police did not respond to a request for comment from


The 32-year-old Houston-born actor has played Nathan Campbell on the hit HBO show since 2018, but is also known for his roles in ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder and CW’s The Flash.