Keith Wildhaber Biography

Who is Gay Missouri Police Sergeant Keith Wildhaber Biography, Wiki, wins $19m, Age, Tone Down Gayness, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Keith Wildhaber Biography

Keith Wildhaber is from St Louis County, Missouri police sergeant. He alleges he was passed over for promotion 23 times.

Keith Wildhaber Lawsuit

Sergeant Wildhaber filed a lawsuit against the police in 2017, after he has allegedly undergone a promotion 23 times despite stellar performance criticisms.

The lawsuit alleges that in 2014 he was told to “tone down the gayness” to obtain promotion from John Saracino, then a member of the St Louis County Police Commissioners Board. Saracino denied having made the comment.

He added that he felt he had been “hit in the stomach.”

After filing a complaint, Sergeant Wildhaber alleges that he was reassigned to work the midnight shift at a station farther from his home.

Keith Wildhaber earns $ 19 million

He received $ 1.9 million in real damages and $ 10 million in punitive damages for discrimination, and $ 999,000 in real damages and $ 7 million in punitive damages as a victim of reprisals.

A juror told reporters: “We wanted to send a message.

“If you discriminate, you will pay a great price … you cannot defend the indefensible.”

Declaration of the St Louis County Police Department

Sam Page, the St Louis County executive, issued a statement saying the police department should be a place where employment decisions are taken for merit.

He added: “The time has come for leadership changes, and the change must start from above.”

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