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Keith Caneiro Wiki: Keith Caneiro was the owner of the Colts Neck, New Jersey mansion wherever he, his wife and their 2 children died Tuesday. Caneiro’s wife Jennifer, 45, and their 2 children were found dead in their burning home. Keith Caneiro was found dead with a shot wound on the grass ahead of the house.

According to Monmouth County prosecuting officer St. Christopher Gramiccioni, Keith Caneiro, his wife, Jennifer Caneiro, and their 2 youngsters Jesse and Sophia died “of bloody violence before once the hearth was set.” {a couple|a few|one or 2|a handful|some} and their two youngsters were dead before a fireplace being set at their large Colts Neck, New Jersey, mansion.

Caneiro, a Hedera helix League-educated chief operating officer of a technology company, is that the brother of Paul Caneiro, whose aim Ocean administrative division, New Jersey was conjointly assailed hearth weekday. Paul was inactive for the fire-raising at his house Wednesday. Police say they think fire-raising in each case and believe they will be connected.

He graduated from Columbia University with a Masters of Science degree in early 2018 and received his Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia in 2014. He conjointly received certifications from the Harvard Business School’s net platform.

He was the chief operating officer of the state of affairs, associate degree Asbury Park technology firm and conjointly operated a gadfly management company.

Keith and his brothers Paul Caneiro were raised in the borough, married girls from the borough and emotional to homes in community New Jersey concerning twenty minutes apart. In 1991, Keith was the simplest man at Paul’s wedding. The brothers were business partners, co-owning a technology company and a gadfly management business.

Keith Caneiro’s brother Paul J. Caneiro was inactive Wednesday and charged with aggravated fire-raising in association to the weekday morning blaze at his Ocean administrative division, New Jersey home on a similar day his brother’s family was found dead. His mate and 2 daughters were reception once he lit the blaze.

NJ Mansion Fire & Murders Official

A bail has not been set for Paul and he’s expected to create a court look on a Gregorian calendar month twenty-eight, 2018.

Keith Caneiro Age

He was 50 years old at the time of his death.

Keith Caneiro Wife

He was married to Jennifer Karidis Caneiro and they had two children Jesse, 11, and Sophia, 8.

Keith Caneiro Brother

Keith and his brothers Paul Caneiro were raised in Brooklyn, married women from Staten Island and moved to houses in suburban New Jersey about 20 minutes apart. In 1991, Keith was the best man at Paul’s wedding. The brothers were business partners, co-owning a technology company and a pest control business.

Keith Caneiro’s brother Paul J. Caneiro was arrested Wednesday and charged with aggravated arson in connection to the Tuesday morning blaze at his Ocean Township, New Jersey home on the same day his brother’s family was found dead. His wife and two daughters were at home when he lit the blaze.

A bail has not been set for Paul and he is expected to make a court appearance on November 28, 2018.

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