Suspect Killer (Isabella Barnes) Arrested: Keegan Mummey Bio, Wiki, Age, Known Facts

Keegan Mummey Bio

Keegan Mummey Bio

Keegan Mummey was captured and arrested for the shooting late Friday night. He accused the murder young girl of 12 years old named Isabella Barnes. The suspect killed has been charged with aggravated murder. Isabella Barnes was shot on her family’s front porch and pronounced dead at Licking Memorial Hospital, according to Newark Police.

Keegan Mummey Age

He is 18 years old teen.

Isabella Barnes Killed

Neighbors said they often saw the girl around the home, which they said belongs to her grandmother. Barnes and several other children often walked or played in the neighborhood. “We used to see the kids playing right there on the porch, we’d be in the front yard and they’d be in the backyard,” said Shawn Allen, who lives two doors away. “It’s a shame.”

Ridgelawn Avenue Shooting

The shooting happened shortly after 9:00 PM at a home on Ridgelawn Avenue, near the Moundbuilders Country Club. After arested the suspect killer, Police is still searching for the gun used in a shooting on Ridgelawn Avenue, that killed a 12-year-old girl on the front porch of this house. Isabella Barnes was pronounced dead at Licking Memorial Hospital last night.

detectives are asking for the public’s help. If anyone spots any type of weapon, especially a gun, police are asking that they don’t pick it up or handle it, and call 911 immediately.

Keegan Mummey Arrested

Investigators say the little girl was shot on the front porch of her home. The suspect fled the home, but was quickly identified as Mummey and later spotted riding a bicycle on State Route 79 between Heath and Hebron, a few miles from the shooting scene. He was eventually stopped near US-40, arrested and charged with aggravated murder.

Keegan Mummey Murder Investigation

Investigators are still interviewing witnesses and say they are working to determine a motive. Anyone who may have information is asked to call the police.