Parkrose School Gunman Video: Keanon Lowe Biography, Wiki, Age, Instagarm, Net Worth, Twitter, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Keanon Lowe Biography

Keanon Lowe Biography

Keanon Lowe was a former University of Oregon footballer, he had a fight with student Angel Granados-Diaz, 19, for the weapon as other students ran screaming out a back door during the May 17 incident. Video of the incident has since been released because of a public records request from KOIN 6 in Portland. While the following footage does not show Lowe tackling the student, as was reported at the time, it does show the former player snatching the shotgun away from the kid and embracing him while trying to calm him down.

Keanon Lowe Age

He was 27 years old.

Keanon Lowe Career Stats

Lowe was a star wide receiver at the University of Oregon, playing from 2011 to 2014. He caught 10 touchdown passes and had nearly 900 receiving yards.

After college, he worked as an offensive analyst for the San Francisco 49ers and as an analyst for the Philadelphia Eagles.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Lowe began working at Parkrose last year as the football and track coach. Before that, he worked for his high school alma mater, Jesuit High, where he had earned state defensive player of the year as a defensive back and was a standout sprinter.

Keanon Lowe as a Hero

People were deeply moved by Lowe’s actions. “@KeanonLowe, just when I thought heroes like you couldn’t go any higher in my esteem, I learned that you disarmed this troubled young man with a hug,” wrote one woman on Twitter. “This. Kid comes to school with a gun Keanon disarms him with a hug and compassion. We need more @KeanonLowe’s in this world,” wrote Kenton Olson, a digital and social media media director with the Seahawks.

Investigation Reports

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said Granados-Diaz brought the gun, which was loaded with one round, to the school grounds during a mental health crisis.

Officials said he never pointed the gun at anyone other than himself. Investigators said he made suicidal statements to another person before bringing the gun on campus.

Granados-Diaz’s lawyer said the teen was also drunk when he entered the school.

A Multnomah County court handed down a 36-month probation sentence under a pretrial agreement for one count of unlawful possession of a firearm in a public building and one count of unlawful possession of a loaded firearm in public.

A police report says the incident was a ‘suicide attempt with a gun’ and someone added in bold handwriting ‘enhanced bail/suicidal.’

Keanon Lowe, Angel Granados-Diaz Video Footage

In the footage, Granados-Diaz appears to be in distress, as both men are seen making their way down a corridor and out of the building before any students or staff were harmed in another potentially catastrophic school shooting.

Keanon Lowe Statements

In a tweet after the incident, he wrote that he had had no idea, that he would have to put his life on the line for one of his students.

He added: ‘When confronted with the test the universe presented me with, I didn’t see any other choice but to act. Thank God, I passed. I’ve spent the last 24 hours being more appreciative of my family and realizing we have a serious problem.

‘I’m blessed to be alive and extremely happy that the students are safe. I’m not sure what’s next, I haven’t had the time to really think about it. But I am sure I want to be a part of the solution to school gun violence.’

Keanon Lowe Instagram

Keanon Lowe Instagram Account is private

Keanon Lowe Twitter

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Footage shows the moment a hero football coach disarmed and embraced a suicidal student who brought a loaded into class at Parkrose High School
  • Keanon Lowe, a Former University of Oregon football star, had wrestled with student Angel Granados-Diaz, 19, for the weapon during the May 17 incident
  • Footage has emerged of Lowe hugging and comforting Diaz, who was suicidal
  • Diaz wanted to take his own life following a break-up and had been depressed
  • He pleaded guilty to felony possession of a firearm in a public building was given three years’ probation on Thursday  
  • ‘I told him I was there to save him, I was there for a reason and this was a life worth living,’ Lowe, a coach at the school, told reporters afterward


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