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Father allegedly stabs to Death 10-year-old: Kayden Sendelbach Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Death

Kayden Sendelbach

Kayden Sendelbach Wiki – Kayden Sendelbach Bio

Kayden Sendelbach was an Indiana boy has passed away after he was reportedly stabbed by his own father during a domestic dispute.

In a residence at 294 East Maple Street Wabash. When officers arrived, a man living in the home, identified as 32-year-old William Sendelbach, allegedly shot Wabash Police Department Sgt. Nick Brubaker in the leg.

UPDATE: ISP Investigating Police Involved Shooting in Wabash
(10-year-old boy stabbed, succumbs to injuries)

Wabash –…

Posted by Tony Slocum on Monday, October 12, 2020


Responding officers opened fire, shooting Sendelbach numerous times. Upon further investigation, they discovered a gruesome scene.


Indiana State Police said the suspect was arguing with his wife when he stabbed their son, Kayden Sendelbach, 10, in the upper body. The boy was taken to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis in critical condition.


According to CBS 15, the young man passed away from his injuries on Saturday.


“It’s a tragic situation,” said Indiana State Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Tony Slocum said. “It’s as if it stunned you why someone would supposedly stab a ten-year-old boy and then want to shoot police officers.”


Police said a 3-year-old boy who lives next door to the Sendelbach family opened his door on the day in question and let the 10-year-old boy and his mother in. The 3-year-old closed the door before William Sendelback could enter.


“He doesn’t even realize what happened,” the 3-year-old’s grandfather, David Burns, told the outlet. You probably don’t even realize that you will be seen as some kind of hero just for letting your neighbors in outside the house. It makes me feel good that he did something like that, but thank God it could have been bad. ”


ABC 21 reports that there were other children in Sendelbach’s home when the incident occurred, but they apparently did not witness the stabbing.


Police announced that the case is now a murder investigation, although William Sendelbach has not been charged at this time. The suspect was airlifted from the scene and taken to a Fort Wayne hospital. Its status is currently unknown.


Brubaker is recovering from his gunshot wound. Brubaker and another officer at the scene, Dan Henderson, are on administrative leave while the investigation continues.


Sendelbach is also charged with shooting at a garbage truck that was in the neighborhood picking up trash in the morning on Friday, reports Ink Free News. The driver was not injured.


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