Katie Surridge Biography

Billionaire Sir Philip Green Sexual Assault Scandal: Katie Surridge Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Katie Surridge Biography

Katie Surridge Biography

Katie Surridge, 37, is a Pilates instructor from Tucson, Arizona. She made headlines this week after the “King of Retail Fashion” and owner of the Arcadia Group, Sir Philip Green, was charged with four counts of misdemeanor assault stemming from his alleged unwanted groping and sexually inappropriate behavior towards Katie.

Katie Surridge isn’t the first woman that has allegedly been harassed by Sir Philip Green. Lord Hain at Westminster told the House of Lords earlier this year that he had heard from former employees who worked for Green that “Hundreds of grievance cases were raised with HR. The company lawyer who interviewed me then lied. Sir Philip screamed and shouted at staff ‘to go to psychologists’”

The mother-of-three who accused Sir Philip Green of ‘vigorously spanking her bottom’, has been pictured for the first time since the 67-year-old was charged with assault.

Katie Surridge was pictured with her husband Josh in Arizona, as police interviews allege that Green may have also inappropriately touched two other women.

Sir Philip Green has been charged with four counts of misdemeanour assault in the US, following the 37-year-old pilate instructor’s claims.

Pima County Attorney’s Office, Arizona, revealed that the fashion mogul faces allegations that could see him jailed or fined.

He stands accused of repeatedly assaulting 37-year-old Ms Surridge, who says Sir Philip spanked and grabbed her backside during classes in the Canyon Ranch luxury resort in Tucson in 2016 and 2018.

The mother-of-three said in a police interview that the ‘creepy old man’ had ‘vigorously’ slapped her bottom up to 10 times in January 2016, later adding that he had made her feel ‘almost like a prostitute’.

Katie Surridge teaches Pilates at the most expensive luxury resort in Tuscon, Arizona where Sir Philip Green was a regular guest. Ms. Surridge told the Daily Telegraph that Sir Philip made her feel “almost like a prostitute.” and that, “I felt very taken advantage of and like, you know, just a piece of meat there at his disposal.”

During her pilates class, she said Mr. Green’s comments felt “completely sexual in nature” and included remarks like “Oh, you naughty girl.”

Sir Philip Green was slapped with four charges, each of which carries a potential sentence of up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $500. Green has “categorically and wholly” denied the claims and charges against him.

Katie Surridge currently lives with her Husband Josh Surridge and their 3 children in Tuscon, Arizona.

Here’s what you need to know:

Katie Surridge Is a Fitness Vlogger

Katie is a part-time fitness blogger who has contributed to articles at Fitnessista.comand starred in instructional videos on the Fitnessista YouTube channel. In the videos, Katie and Fitnessista blog owner Gina Harvey demonstrates tips on Pilates, Barre, and various other exercises for viewers.

Katie Surridge Biography

Katie also starred in a tutorial video/commercial for FreeFORM Boards, a piece of workout equipment that can be used for Pilates exercises.

Katie doesn’t currently have a personal YouTube channel or blog.

She’s a Gyrotonic Method Teacher

FreeFORM Board YouTube Channel

According to their website, The Gyrotonic Method is an “original and unique movement method that addresses the entire person by opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and improving strength and movement efficiency.” The series of exercises uses specialized equipment to mimic natural movements and can be used to help rehabilitate people from injuries or surgery.

Katie is a certified instructor for The Gyrotonic Method and teaches classes in and around Tuscon, AZ.

She Has 2 Children and 1 on the Way

Katie Surridge Facebook

According to her Facebook page, Katie currently has two sons with a third boy on the way. Her Facebook cover photo shows her two boys and her profile photo, posted on May 17th is a photo of Katie pregnant and a friend commented on her post saying “Soon there will be 3 standing up there Katie!”

According to her Instagram profile, Katie is married to Josh Surridge. The couple has had all three children together.

She Works at Canyon Ranch, One of the Best Wellness Retreats in the World

Katie is a Pilates instructor at Canyon Ranch, the most exclusive, expensive resort in Tuscon, Arizona. Canyon Ranch costs around $1,000 per night and is known worldwide as a leader in healthy living and luxury spa vacations. The resort has fitness staff that specializes in everything from Yoga to nutrition to meditation to physical therapy. Katie was the head Pilates expert and taught classes to guests when the alleged incidents between her and Philip Green occurred.

She’s still listed on the Canyon Ranch website as an “expert”.

She Was Allegedly Harassed Several Times by Sir Philip Green

According to statements Surridge gave to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, the alleged harassment from Sir Philip Green was not a one-time occurrence. In a police interview obtained by the Press Association, Katie told Detective Stivers that a “creepy old man” had “vigorously” slapped her bottom 10+ times throughout January 2016.

Katie did not come forward at first out of fear of repercussions from reporting a “high roller” (Sir Philip Green is a famous billionaire). Once she did come forward, the resort spoke to Green and assured her it would not happen again.

That was until Sir Philip came back for a pilates class in January 2018. Kimberly Khoury, a homeowner at the resort was present at the same class gave an eyewitness account and told police that Philip grabbed Katie with his “octopus-like hand”. “I see his hand go reach out and, like, pat her buttocks,” Ms. Khoury told the police, “And then pat it again and like, grab her buttocks. And then she kind of moved, like, startled a little bit. And look like a step away.”

Katie Surridge Biography

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Sir Philip Green is accused of assaulting US pilates instructor Katie Surridge 
  • The fashion mogul is accused of knowingly touching her to injure, insult or provoke 
  • If found guilty he could face up to 30 days in jail or a fine of up to $500 (£395) 
  • Ms Surridge was seen with her husband Josh after Green was charged 
  • Sir Philip ‘strenuously’ denies the claims and says they are not sexual in nature