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Kathy Zhu Biography

Kathy Zhu Biography

Kathy Zhu is the University of Michigan student, who was stripped of her title (Miss World) after the beauty pageant organization deemed her tweets insensitive and racist. In her tweets, she spoke about black-on-black gun violence as well as a college event where a Muslim Student Association allegedly tried to force her to try on a hijab.

Kathy Zhu Age

Zhu is 20 years old.

Kathy Zhu Education

Zhu studied political science at the University of Central Florida before transferring to the University of Michigan in 2018 where she is expected to graduate soon. She is the vice president of the College Republicans at the University of Michigan.

Kathy Zhu Miss Michigan 2019 Winner

Kathy Zhu was named the Miss Michigan on Sunday, July 14 but was stripped of her title on Thursday, July 18 due to her tweets which were deemed ‘insensitive and racist’.

Zhu said the Miss World America selects U.S. candidates statewide, then on a national level, and then sends them to the Miss World contest. She was vetted Miss Michigan over email, requiring candidates to submit an email application and submit a video.

Zhu claims she was asked to refrain from posting on social media until after Miss Indiana and Michigan World America account posted and announced the winners.

On Wednesday, July 17, Miss Indiana and Michigan World America posted a posted on their Facebook announcing Zhu as a national finalist. The post has since been deleted.

Kathy Zhu Trump Lover

Zhu is seen in multiple social media posts wearing Trump’s Make America Great Again hat. Zhu, a Donald Trump fan, claimed that pageant organizers dismissed her on the basis of her social media posts which they said in an email were ‘offensive.

‘I have seen this happen before,’ Zhu, a Donald Trump fan, told the Detroit Free Press on Thursday, adding that ‘It is just not okay to be prejudiced against people who just have a different political view as you.’

Kathy Zhu Stripped off The Miss Michigan Title

On July 18, 2019 Zhu received an email from Laurie DeJack, Miss World America’s state director for Indiana and Michigan saying that she was stripped off her title as her social media accounts “contain offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content, and in violation of MWA’s Rules and Conditions.” She was additionally required to remove all photos of herself as Miss Michigan and stop affiliating herself with the title.

The email indicated that Zhu was required to be “of good character” and have a background that “is not likely to bring into disrepute Miss World America or any person associated with the organization. Therefore, and effective immediately, MWA does not recognize you as a participant of any sort or in any capacity as it relates to any and all events of MWA.”\

Zhu responded to the email saying; “Statistics and facts are not always pleasant. It’s disgusting how you would rather lie to the public’s face than be supportive of someone that is trying to make a difference by talking about subjects that no one dares to say.”

Zhu later posted on Twitter that she was stripped off her title after being accused of being ‘racist, Islamaphobic, and insensitive’; “Miss World America’s State/National/Chief Director accused me of being racist, Islamaphobic, and insensitive. They stripped me of my Miss Michigan title due to my refusal to try on hijab in 2018, my tweet about black on black gun violence, and “insensitive” statistical tweets.”


Kathy Zhu Hijab

In 2018 while Zhu was enrolled at the University of Central Florida she attended a Hijab Day event but declined to try on a hijab. She later posted on Twitter about the incidence which caused critics to demand she be expelled. She has since deleted the tweet.

After the demand for her to be expelled, she tweeted;

“1) UCF is a public campus, meaning I can take pictures of anything, especially a public RSO group.
2) I took three pictures, you asked me if I want to wear this scarf of oppression, I politely declined, said thank you, and headed to class.
3) trying to get me expelled for what?”

After she was stripped off the Miss Michigan title in her email to DeJack she addressed the incidence alleging that a woman tried to make her wear a hijab without her permission. She added that what was insensitive was that women in the Middle East were getting stoned to death for refusing to obey their husband’s orders to wear hijabs.

“What’s ‘insensitive’ is that women in the Middle East are getting stoned to death for refusing to obey their husband’s orders to wear hijabs. Are the people in MWA implying that they advocate for the punishment of women who refuse to wear a hijab?”

Kathy Zhu Twitter

Kathy Zhu Instagram


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Zhu’s Case Has Become Viral on Social Media


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Zhu’s case has grown to be a rallying cry for conservatives and right-wing pundits on Twitter. while Zhu stated of the scandal in an interview with Yahoo lifestyle, “They’re no longer letting humans that constitute some other facet of the tale constitute them. The most effective need someone to mention matters that human beings want to pay attention to. And there are lots of things in this world that it’s tough to listen, but it’ the reality. It’s no longer even approximately a crown or a festival. It’s about the truth that people sincerely do discriminate in opposition to people with conservative perspectives.”

Here are some of the most impassioned responses:

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  1. Kathy Zhu, 20, took to Twitter to reveal that pass over the world us festival officials had dumped her from the contest
  2. Zhu, a University of Michigan pupil, has been topped pass over Michigan
  3. The selection changed into apparently brought on via Zhu’s social media posts
  4. Organizers stated her posts were ‘offensive, insensitive and beside the point’
  5. Zhu stated officers stated she was axed from the competition over two tweets
  6. One tweet changed into in reference to her refusal to strive on hijab on international Hijab Day
    the second one tweet was a reference to black-on-black violence