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Kasim Toktas Bio, Kasim Toktas Wiki

Kasim Toktas died from what doctors believed were natural causes. Kasim had fever and breathing difficulties and along with his father were placed in quarantine after doctors feared that Cevher Toktas son had coronavirus. The very same day, the five-year-old was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit but passed away in less than two hours later at Dortcelik Children’s Hospital in Bursa.
Turkish soccer player Cevher Toktas could’ve gotten away with murder, but 11 days after his son died he told police he was responsible for the 5-year-old child’s death.
The hospital authorities ruled the Cevher Toktas son death to be natural as breathing difficulties are common among coronavirus patients. Kasim was buried the next day with his mother and other family members believing that he succumbed to coronavirus, the pandemic which has taken 140,000 lives in Turkey so far.

Who is Cevher Toktas

Cevher Toktas, who has played in Turkey’s top-flight Super Lig, visited the police station 11 days after his son’s funeral to confess of his crimes. The Turkish central defender confessed to the Cevher Toktas son murder and said that he smothered the five-year-old with a pillow for 15 minutes as the child struggled. After Kasim stopped moving, the footballer called the doctors for help to draw away any suspicions. Toktas reportedly told the investigators that the prime reason for killing his child was because ‘he didn’t love him’ and added that he does not have any mental issues.

Kasim Toktas Death

According to the Associated Press, Toktas told police that he smothered his son, Kasim, with a pillow while they were both in the hospital with symptoms consistent with coronavirus. However, the child’s test for the virus came back negative.
The boys’ death was not considered suspicious since he’d been in the hospital with a fever and coughing, but Toktas felt remorse for taking his son’s life, according to the AP, and ultimately went to police to say he had killed his son.