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Karlos Dillard Wiki – Karlos Dillard Biography

Karlos Dillard is the Seattle-based comedian who accused a woman of calling him the “N-word” and flipping him off following a road rage incident. Dillard posted the video to his Instagram page on June 22. Heavy has reached out to Dillard for comment on the video.

Who is Karlos Dillard

Dillard, who is Black, begins by calling the woman “Karen” and pursuing her in a car. “Karen” has become a meme, typically meaning an entitled and racist white woman. As the woman’s car pulls into a driveway, Dillard confronts the woman further. The woman begins crying immediately and can be heard saying that she has a black husband. Dillard replies saying, “I don’t care. Why did you flip me off?” The woman then says, “You are totally calling me things that I’m not.” The woman also allegedly said that she had been to multiple Black Lives Matter marches.
Dillard told a bystander that he felt as the woman became angry after he failed to signal at an intersection. Dillard tells the same bystander that he is a Postmates delivery driver.


On his official website, Dillard refers to himself as an “Actor, Author, Comedian.” Dillard says, “Put the extra in ordinary to become extraordinary.” He also refers to himself as “More than just a viral video star.” On Dillard’s Backstage acting profile, he says that appeared in an episode of Divorce Court in April 2018. During his appearance on the show, Dillard said that he did not believe in divorce.
Dillard writes in the bio of his website about his upbringing in Detroit, Michigan, and says that he moved to Seattle, Washington, “to find [himself.]” Dillard adds, “I never knew that it would lead me to the journey I am on today. I am most known for my quick sassy remarks and being real no matter the situation.” Dillard also says that he has done modeling work in Seattle.


Dillard writes on his bio page that he was abandoned at the age of 15 and that he worked three jobs while putting himself through high school and college. Dillard says that he was homeless during this period.
According to the Amazon description of Dillard’s book, he was taken from his mother’s care in Detroit by the State of Michigan after he and his siblings suffered neglect from his mother. From there, Dillard said that he was placed in “foster homes that treated him worse.” Dillard said that he suffered further abuse, mentally and sexually. One section of the description reads, “Karlos was told he was not loved, he was not wanted and he was nothing but a ward of the State.”

The Google Books description of Dillard says that he “made a name for himself making people laugh while addressing social issues.” Dillard also says that he has appeared in commercials for Amazon, Mercedes-Benz and W3Schools. Dillard also describes himself as an advocate for foster children. The bio adds that Dillard lives in Seattle, Washington, with his husband and their two dogs.

Karlos Dillard Video

Dillard tells the woman later in the video that he would not post the video on Instagram. At that point, the woman can be heard saying, “My heart is all about this movement.” The woman also says that she sped away from Dillard because he had his phone out and was recording her.
On his Instagram page, Dillard writes in his bio section, “Using comedy to shine light into the darkness.” Dillard has more than 23,000 followers on the platform. That bio also promotes Dillard’s book, Ward of the State: A Memoir of Foster Care.” In the wake of his encounter going viral, Dillard has begun selling t-shirts that reference the incident. One t-shirt reads, “Karen… Are You Okay?” Another says, “Keep That Same Energy Karen.” When asked by a follower why he was selling t-shirts, Dillard said:
I sure am because I was delivery Postmates while she tried to kill me with her car. White people have profited off black oppression and hurt generations so shall we. I’m also a comedian with a t-shirt company. The only thing weird about this is how she reacted.
Another t-shirt that references the woman saying that she had a black husband during her encounter with Dillard. The selling page for that t-shirt includes the words, “Please, if you have a black husband don’t tokenize him.”

Dillard Went Blew Bubbles at Police Officers

Earlier in June 2020, Dillard went viral after he was recorded blowing bubbles at police officers during a Black Lives Matter rally. Dillard wrote in an Instagram post about his experiences at the rally saying that it was his “job as a comedian” was to “shine light into the darkness of society.” Dillard added, “I was happy to bring smiles to the protestors as well as a few cops who couldn’t help but crack a smile at how ridiculous they look in riot gear surrounded by bubbles.”
In an interview with the Daily Hive, Dillard said, “My knees were literally shaking. I was terrified but I couldn’t help smiling at the sight of these huge policemen in riot gear with bubbles floating around them and landing on the gear and popping. It’s made me feel innocent again. Some officers couldn’t help but crack a smile and that made me feel safer.” Dillard ended the interview by saying that it was his hope “that eventually, the cops will blow bubbles with me!”