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Who is Julianne Michelle Estranged Husband: Karl Reeves Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Karl Reeves Biography, Wiki

Karl Reeves has been a professional in New York City for decades. He is best known for being the estranged husband of actress, Julianne Michelle. He owns CEI New York, an elevator installation and maintenance business in Manhattan that is an offshoot of his father’s company, Consolidated Elevator Industries of Queens.

Karl Reeves Early Life, Family, Parents

Karl Reeves grew up in New York City with his family. His father, Karl Senior, started Consolidated Elevator in 1970, growing it into a prominent and respected elevator service company.

In the early 2000s, Karl Junior started to take an interest in his father’s company, devoting more and more of his time to streamlining it and updating its processes to keep it up to date as possible in the rapidly changing business world.

Karl Reeves Education

graduating with a degree in psychology from Potsdam University. This fascination led to an interest in business, which allowed him to use his innate barometer for behavior coupled with his academic studies as a way to stay ahead of trends in the market.

Karl Reeves Career

Karl tries to keep abreast of market trends and new technologies; he is involved with many public and private large developers and REITs. Karl Reeves finds the whole idea of free-market enterprise and investments as both as a means to gain upside and downside. Watching cycles boom and bust, knowing that history repeats itself and trying to anticipate the next move.

In 2007 Karl officially took over, doubling the company’s revenue in the first two years as CEO. Karl Reeves has now been at the head of Consolidated Elevator for over a decade and only plans on expanding.


From the first demonstration of a commercial elevator at the 1857 Worlds Fair held in New York City, the invention and its birthplace have been unequivocally intertwined as well. Before the elevator buildings struggled to climb higher than a few stories, but with the introduction of the elevator, NYC was able to climb higher and higher.

Although the ideas of elevators have been around for centuries, the first commercial elevator was developed by the Otis Elevator Company and was installed in a five-story New York department store.

Karl Reeves & Julianne Michelle

Julianne and Karl met at a friend’s party in Manhattan in November 2014. Julianne was 30 years old and in no hurry to marry anyone, she always wanted to marry at 35. Somehow he left her alone.

Karl Reeves before asking Julianne to marry him first sought permission and blessings from his father. Later, in mid-2015, in a very romantic atmosphere in one of his houses in Miami Beach, Florida, he knelt and asked Julianne to marry him and gave him a beautiful diamond ring.

The two celebrated their union at the Church of San Ignacio de Loyola on Park Avenue and 84th Street in Manhattan at 1 pm on Saturday, November 21, 2015. In what was described as “A royal wedding for the countess and the winner actress Julianne Michelle “, the bride left a Rolls Royce from 1933, which was built for a grandson of Queen Victoria. The ceremony was officiated by p. Daniel O’Hare in a magnificent setting.

A reception, cocktails, dinner and dance followed at the Union League Club on Park Avenue and 37th Street at 5 pm. The guests at this royal wedding included celebrities, philanthropists, family, and close friends, who danced all night.

Karl Reeves and Julianne Michelle Divorce

The bliss of her wedding did not last long, as Julianne Michelle later revealed that Karl Reeves was an abusive husband and reportedly abused drugs, namely ketamine and cocaine, threatened to kill Julianne and her parents and He allegedly called Julianne a “whore” and a “prostitute” for being an actress before her wedding. The two are locked in full legal and physical custody of their two-year-old daughter.

According to the documents presented in the Supreme Court, Julianne said Reeves is an abuser of domestic violence and abuse of neo-Nazi, homophobic children.

On February 22, 2017, Julianne alleged that Reeves tested positive for amounts of exorbitant amounts of benzodiazepines, a class of drugs used to treat anxiety, as well as cocaine, ‘according to an affidavit filed by Julianne in the Supreme Court of the State of NY.

Julianne said that one of the people who reviewed the results of Reeves’ tests told him that the presence of benzodiazepines ‘in his system was so severe that he was really surprised that he had been” conscious “at the time of the test.”

She also claims that Reeves admitted using “whips,” bottles of compressed nitrous oxide inhaled for a moment, to a CPS supervisor that same month.

According to N.Y. Post, the Manhattan Socialite said it had gone through 10 divorce lawyers in a bitter legal battle with her separated husband, she finally ran out of lawyers, she said Tuesday, November 12. “I represent myself today,” philanthropist and actress Julianne Michelle Reeves told the Manhattan Supreme Court judge who oversees her divorce case against former Karl Reeves.

Julianne asked Judge Tandra Dawson to expedite her case, reiterating her previous requests to increase the monthly child support payments so she can take care of the couple’s daughter.

“It barely covers the basic needs,” he said of the payments of $ 1,681 per month. “That’s why I’m without advice. That’s why I can’t continue litigating this matter.” Julianne, who also receives $ 2,425 in monthly spousal support payments, told the judge that her friend offered to help her get on with the case.

Karl Reeves was crazy about a sex scene Julianne played in a movie

Reeves also disagreed with Julianne’s career as an actress, which supposedly caused her to abandon her film career for years. Before getting married, Reeves allegedly called Julianne a “prostitute” and a “prostitute” for being an actress and was enraged by jealousy for scenes she had filmed for five to 10 years before they met, she said in court documents.

Reeves became especially obsessed with a clip of Julianne from the movie Polycarp, later renamed Kinky Killers, which showed a simulated sex scene that contained no nudes, but ended up on the PornHub site. The CEO’s friend noticed the clip on the site about three months after he started dating Julianne. But he continued talking about his marriage and his pregnancy.

In an audio obtained by Daily Mail recorded in August 2016, when Julianne was seven months pregnant, Reeves begins to speak loudly about the scene before threatening to kill Julianne’s mother and then tell her that she doesn’t even want to have a boy’.

“It’s not real, it’s a fantasy,” Julianne tells her husband in the video.

‘Oh, a fictional f ** k scene, oh. Why don’t you suck shit, why don’t you fuck yourself, why don’t you make blowjobs, why don’t you fuck yourself in the a **, ‘he tells her.

“Most movies have sex scenes,” she replies. “You can’t say there is no difference between movies and reality.”

Karl Reeves’ ex-girlfriend says he is a big drug user

According to the Daily Mail. In a sworn statement in October 2017, Reeves’ ex-girlfriend Sophie English claimed that he was a “big drug user” with a “big dependence on alcohol and pain relievers.” English also claimed that she saw him buy “illegal substances from his drug dealer” and said he was “quite dependent on oxytocin” and that “his whole personality changed.”

Like Julianne, English discovered that Reeves was “incredibly charming” and very intelligent. But as they went out and out for four years, English said he discovered a “very dark disturbing evil side” for him.

In the accusations made in court documents, she claimed that Reeves wanted his future children to look “exactly like him” and wanted to grow them in test tubes so he could “have full control of his destiny.”