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Missing Mother of 2 in Miami Garden: Kameela Russell Wiki, Bio, Age, Family,

Kameela Russell Wiki

Kameela Russell is a 41-year-old mother of two living in the Miami area who went missing on May 15. Russell is a test chairperson for Miami Norland Senior High School; she disappeared in the middle of the day and hasn’t been seen since.
Kameela Russell Wiki
According to NBC 6, Russell’s aunt Donna Blyden told local station WSVN that she thought she saw her niece’s car pull up in her driveway Wednesday night when Russell had arrived to pick up her 6-year-old daughter. However, the missing mom never came to the door, and when Blyden looked back out the window a few seconds later the black Audi A6 Russell had been driving was gone.

“I text her and I said, ‘Where are you?’ I said, ‘You were in the driveway just now, and now you’re not here. Where are you?” she told the station. “I didn’t get an answer.”

Russell hasn’t been seen since, and her family said it’s unlike the missing mom to be gone so long without contacting her family.

Russell Works for the Miami School District as a Test Chairperson Miami Norland Senior High School

Kameela Russell Wiki
Russell is a 41-year-old mother of two who lives in Miami and works as a test chairperson for Miami Norland Senior High School, according to The Miami Herald. According to her Facebook, she’s also taught at the Walter C. Young Middle School in the past.

Russell’s most recent Instagram post was a video celebrating the graduation of some of her former students. In the video above, Russell says, “Listen up…class of 2019, from Walter C. Young, if I don’t get an invitation for your graduation, some bodies are going to hit the floor, and that’s a promise. Love you, mean it. Bye.”
According to her Facebook, Russell worked as a probation officer for the Florida Department of Corrections prior to getting involved in the public school system.

Russell Went Missing on May 15

Kameela Russell Wiki
Russell was last seen on May 15 by her family in the 800 block of Northwest 203rd St in Miami Gardens, according to The Miami HeraldAnyone with information about her disappearance can contact the Miami Gardens Police at 305-474-6473.
Per NBC6, Russell is five feet, seven inches tall, weighs about 165 pounds, and was last seen sporting black hair with purple braids, gray leggings, a striped shirt and sneakers.

Russell was supposed to pick up her daughter from her aunt’s house on Wednesday, May 20, but she never showed up. Then, she didn’t show up for work on Thursday or Friday; last week was finals week for her school district, per NBC6. 

Russell Has Two Daughters, Aged Six & 15 Years Old

Russell has two daughters, who are six and 15 years old, respectively. Russell will occasionally post about them on social media, like in the photo above.
To NBC6, her older daughter Skye offered up a message to her mother: “Everybody’s fighting for you. People who I haven’t even seen in years are coming out just to try and help you. Your students, we need you. Just come back.”

Russell Has Worked for the School District Since 2014

According to The Miami Herald, Russell has worked for the Miami school district since 2014. Per her Facebook, she has also worked at Walter C. Young Middle School and for the Broward County Public School System in the past, as well.

Her Facebook further reports that she has studied at Concordia University and Florida State University, and that she’s lived in Boston in the past. She’s originally from Nassau, New Providence. Her Instagram bio reads, “Here to enlighten you. Don’t believe the hype!”
Kameela Russell Wiki

Russell’s Social Media Was Active Up Until the Day Before She Disappeared

Russell’s most recent Instagram post was uploaded on April 29, and her most recent Facebook status was posted on May 14, a day before her disappearance.

In that May 14 Facebook status, Russell acknowledged the rise of anti-abortion legislation, writing,

Just talked about this earlier today. We are going backwards. Help me understand. If a woman has a miscarriage and it is believed that she is the cause, she can be charged with 2nd degree murder. How can this be proven? Convicted felons charged with murder can not vote. Sooooo, women will lose their right to vote. Plus, who determines if my miscarriage is self-induced? Is there a battery of tests much like there were during the Salem Witch Trials? When will blacks become fully realized human beings with rights? Marching with vagina hats and walking hand in hand singing spirituals is not enough. We need more will power to change things. Thinking out loud.