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80-Year-Old Florida Woman Raped for Months: Juan Granda Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Juan Granda Biography

Juan Granda Biography – Juan Granda Wiki

An 80-year-old woman said she endured months of sexual abuse at the hands of her former son-in-law, 57-year-old Juan Ivan Granda in Hialeah, Florida, according to Miami-Dade Police.

The eighties told her daughter and the police that she was afraid to tell her that Granda had forced her to have sex with her over the past year and that Granda would regularly threaten her with violence if she said anything, and she didn’t. According to the police report, she wants to harm her daughter.


The reason Granda was able to sexually rape the old woman so often was that Granda lived with her, despite being separated from his wife, who allegedly was the victim’s daughter, by a statement of arrest.


The 80-year-old even told the police that Granda violated her in her car while taking her to doctor’s appointments by “harassing” and “trying to rape her”.

In July, Granda’s mother-in-law finally came forward about what she said Granda had been doing to her. According to the police report, she told her daughter about how Granda would throw her onto a bed, pin her down on the bed, and force various sex acts on her.

She was too weak and suffered from various ailments due to her age that made it impossible for her to fend Granda off, and she was afraid he would carry out the threats he made, which are not elaborated on in the arrest affidavit.


When the octagenarian told her daughter what had been going on, the daughter “did not believe what she was hearing,” the arrest report said. She confronted Granda, who denied all of it.


But the mother told the daughter that not only had Granda repeatedly raped her, he also would take photos and videos on his phone. The daughter, not satisfied with her estranged husband’s denials, decided to snoop.


That’s when she found photos and videos of the sexual assaults her mother accused her estranged husband of on both his phone and her mother’s phone, per the Miami-Dade Police Department.

When his wife found the photos and videos, he faced Granda again. This time, the arrest report says he said he would kill him if they left him.


While all this was reported in July, Granda was arrested only on December 1st. Heavy reached out to the Miami-Dade Police for more information on why the arrest took so long and whether Granda continued to live with the woman he was charged with. The attack between July and December.


Miami-Dade police said Granda finally confessed to the ongoing attacks on the 80-year-old after reading her rights to Miranda. A physically disabled victim is charged with five sexual charges and one false prison sentence.


Court records show that Granda was released from prison but was monitored with electricity or wearing an ankle monitor in cases under house arrest. He was also issued a removal order, meaning he cannot go to the woman he was accused of raping. Granda does not show any other criminal records in the Miami-Dade courts.