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little girl, 10, looked like a ‘Holocaust victim: Josie Ann Abney Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Josie Ann Abney

Josie Ann Abney Wiki – Josie Ann Abney Biography

Missouri authorities say the adoptive parents of a young girl Josie Ann Abney had the time, resources, and insurance to take the child for medical help, but refused. The child is now dead.

Salem News Online reports that police arrived at a home near County Road 4255 in Salem on October 3 after someone called for help for an unresponsive child. Upon arrival, Josie Ann Abney, 10, was rushed to Salem Memorial District Hospital, where she was reportedly so dehydrated that a doctor could not draw her blood.


The doctor told police that the girl, whose body appeared skeletal, had bruises on various parts of her body. Their blood sugar level was recorded at 10. A normal blood sugar range for children is between 80 and 180 mg / dL, according to Stanford Children’s Health.


Even with the medical equipment attached and a blanket, Josie weighed 38 pounds. The responding officer described the boy as a “victim of the Holocaust.”


The same night she was admitted to the hospital, Josie passed away, prompting police to search the family home, where she had lived with her adoptive parents, Randall Lee Abney, 51, and Susan Abney, 44.


Court records obtained by NBC 5 indicate that the couple had a lock on the refrigerator door, although they claimed that Josie, who was homeschooled, knew how to open it if she wanted food. The couple explained that in September Josie had stopped eating. When asked, they said the girl did not have diabetes or any medical problems that they were aware of.


Authorities noticed powdered and canned goods stored in the kitchen cabinet, too high for the boy to reach. They also noticed a lock on their bedroom door, but Randall Abney allegedly insisted that the house came with a lock and that Josie was never locked inside.

Susan Abney, however, allegedly told police that they would lock Josie inside her room when they were gardening or receiving mail, as they had a firearm in the house.


Inside Josie’s room, investigators found a single mattress on the floor, a lamp and a laundry basket, according to court documents.


Upon closer inspection of the home, authorities found cookies, snack bars, candy and other goodies inside the couple’s dresser drawer in their bedroom. Susan Abney reportedly admitted it wasn’t fair that they had so much junk food in her bedroom.


The woman also told police that she felt bad seeing Josie weak and emaciated, but despite having vehicles and free health insurance for her son, they did not take her for a medical checkup. She told detectives she didn’t know why they didn’t take the boy to see a doctor, but then allegedly said she was afraid of what the doctors would think.


“My own stupidity,” added Susan Abney. “I was too scared of what they would think.”


After an initial interview, Randall Abney refused to cooperate, according to police, and asked for an attorney.


Both suspects were arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in death. Both are behind bars in the Dent County Jail in exchange for a bond of $ 500,000 each.


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