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Instagram Model Dies at 24: Josi Maria Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Josi Maria Biography

Josi Maria Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Josi Maria, a German Instagram model who opened up about dealing with anorexia and shared photos of her extremely thin body, has died at the age of 24. According to DE24 News, Maria’s mother said she’d just flown to Gran Canaria for a vacation but died of heart failure shortly after the flight.

His parents posted on Instagram about his death, which occurred earlier this month. According to her mother, Maria died in her friend’s arms, fell asleep and never woke up. She commented on Maria’s last post, “The day before I held you dear Josi in my arms, we went shopping and you look forward to Christmas and your holidays. The next night in Gran Canaria you fell asleep peacefully in your girlfriend’s arms. Your little heart stopped beating.”


DE24 News reported that Maria developed circulation problems while flying to Gran Canaria and was in poor health due to her fight against anorexia. Maria was open about her struggle with eating disorders, and she talked about it frequently in the last years of her life.


Maria, from Kiel, northern Germany, has often posted over the past few years about her fight against anorexia and warned others about the disease. He spoke in an interview he made on November 11 and wrote, “I don’t want to be one of the 10 people who die of anorexia.” “Hopefully, thanks to the video, most people finally find out and realize that anorexia is not a matter of weight but a matter of head! It’s always just a desire to be thin, it’s a lot more behind it.”


He said that he had struggled with an eating disorder since he was a child, but has gotten particularly bad over the past two years. He wrote, “This doesn’t go on like this. It will not continue like this. I find the way to my positivity again. The will is there. ”


He said he would stop writing about anorexia on August 5 to focus on his health. “I have to be distracted to be healthy. … I really need to think about my health right now. Last chance. And if this last attempt to do this alone fails, I’ll go to a clinic. This is what I put as an ultimatum. ”


The Instagram model had around 130,000 followers at the time of her death, and many posted about her death in the comments of her latest posts. His family also said in a comment written by his mother, “I miss you so much, my angel. You are a very valuable person. It gave us a lot of positive energy and made us laugh … I love you very much and I will always carry you in my heart. “His father wrote:


The next time when there is no joy of life will be unbearable for us ..! I know that you still absorb these words in you and carry them with you! You leave a big void in our family, but you will always be with us! You will also bring joy to everyone wherever you go! Your family will always think with you! Your father who loves everything about you and is very sad!


Her mother first shared Maria’s death on December 4th on her Instagram account, and Peter Streiff partly said, “Death is a horizon and nothing but the limit of our vision of the horizon. When we mourn someone, others rejoice when they see him again beyond that line.”