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Who is Joshua Colby Council Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Joshua Colby Council Wiki – Joshua Colby Council Biography

Joshua Colby Council has been arrested for refusing to wear a face mask on a flight from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, authorities have said.

Joshua Colby Council, 44, was stopped by a gatekeeper at Salt Lake City International Airport on Wednesday as he rushed to board the Delta Airlines plane.


According to a police report obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune, he was asked to wear his face by the agent, at which point the Council ran past the guard and down the ramp to his seat.


The agent followed the man and asked him to wear a face mask due to the coronavirus outbreak, but the Council refused to comply.


Police said that when they boarded the plane, the captain and the other flight crew also asked the Council to wear a mask, but he was hostile and ‘argumentative’ and continued to refuse.


The crew searched the airport security but refused to leave his seat when the man tried to escort him from the plane.


Police said the Council eventually left the plane only when all the other passengers on the plane – ‘a few dozen’ according to the police statement – rose from their seats and walked off the plane.


The crew told officers that the incident delayed the flight for 45 minutes.


Although he was not charged, he was taken to Salt Lake County prison for being arrested for irregular behavior and released Thursday morning.


The airline said in a statement to The New York Post, ‘We apologize to our customers for the delay caused by the removal of a passenger on Wednesday, Flight 1382, due to non-mask compliance.


Delta’s COVID-19 policy states that customers must wear a face mask on their flights, verify the absence of symptoms, and mark whether they have been exposed to the virus in the past 14 days.


Last week, Utah saw an average of 2,379 cases of Covid-19 last week, with a total of 193,809 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, resulting in 1,722 deaths, according to the New York Times.


Salt Lake County, the most populous in the state, saw about 80,000 of the state’s total cases.