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Who is Joseph Mensah (Wisconsin Police officer) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More Facts

Wisconsin Police officer Joseph Mensah Wiki – Joseph Mensah Biography

Wisconsin Police officer Joseph Mensah is fired and charged for his reported involvement in the shooting and death of three men in five years.

Joseph Mensah from Wauwatosa (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is currently being investigated by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm for an event related to the death of 17 Alvin Cole, but not investigated for the deaths of Antonio Gonzales, 29 and Jay Anderson, 25, Wauwatosa, During police stops in Wisconsin.

Three separate events took place between “2015 and 2020. “[Mensah] is being examined for Cole’s latest murder incident, but the previous two were considered self-defense and did not face accusations.”

“Mensah fired 8 times to kill Gonzales in 2015, emptied 6 guns to kill Anderson in 2016, and hit Cole 5 times in February after shouting“ unarmed ”. He was allegedly unable to deliver CPR to the victims in each case, and in 2 of the incidents he was unable to shoot the dash camera. ”

Milwaukee Journal identified Mensah as Black. Journal says Mensah was hired in 2015 and was 25 years old at the time of the first shoot [16 July]

Jay-Z and his social justice campaign team, Team Roc, made a statement on Twitter on July 2.
“@DAJohnChisholm, How many more should die in the hands of Officer Joseph Mensah? Mensah recklessly shot and killed three colors, he was clearly unable to activate his camera and was unable to provide medical assistance in these tragic situations. They wrote.

. @ DAJohnChisholm How many more should die in the hands of Officer Joseph Mensah? Mensah shot and killed three colorless reckless blades, clearly unable to activate his camera, and in these tragic situations he was unable to provide medical assistance. Prosecute him. pic.twitter.com/geasjbn9ez
— Team Roc (@teamroc) July 2, 2020
The statement reads, in part, “how many more people must die at the hands of Officer Joseph Mensah? Since joining the Wauwatosa Police Department in 2015, Mensah has shot and killed THREE men of color – Alvin Cole, Antonio Gonzales and Jay Anderson – with an excessive total of NINETEEN fired shots. His actions demonstrate an utter disregard for the lives of these young men.”

The dashcam footage from the shooting death of Jay Anderson has been shared by police. The video seen above and also here shows Mensah “shooting into Anderson’s parked car in a Wauwatosa park,” according to the Milwaukee Journal.

Anderson was sleeping in his car at 3 a.m., but when Mensah approached the vehicle, he said he saw Anderson reaching for a gun. His family disputes that Anderson lunged for the legally owned gun.

After firing into Anderson’s car, Mensah remotely activated his squad’s dashboard camera. The camera automatically went back and saved the prior 28 seconds, but that recording did not include audio.

Wauwatosa police also released portions of a dashcam video from the Cole shooting. It showed a police chase and shots fired. Police said Cole fired first, with a stolen gun, before Mensah fired.

Officers had been called to the mall by security for a disturbance involving 10 people, one of whom reportedly had a gun. Officers recovered a 9mm gun they said Cole used, as well as an extended magazine he had in a fanny pack.
In the case of the Gonzales shooting, it was determined that Mensah and another officer Jeffrey Newman “both shot Gonzales, who was wielding a sword and refused to drop it … according to police.”

“Mensah claimed that although Anderson’s family objected to this, Anderson reached for the gun when he approached where he was sleeping. In Cole’s case, the police claimed that Cole first hit him during a police chase after an inconvenience at the mall – Cole’s family also objected to this version of the events. ”

“I think Team Roc and Roc Nation invest in investing to make sure black is important and make the police accountable,” Alvin Cole’s family lawyer Kimberley Motley said in an interview with WISN. Said.