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Sexually Abused 11-Year-Old Girl: Joseph Meili Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Joseph Meili Wiki

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Joseph Meili is a Missouri man who was spared jail time and sentenced only to probation after he pleaded guilty to molesting an 11-year-old girl.

Meili, 22, was sentenced to five years probation Friday, the Springfield News-Leaderreported.

Meili pleaded guilty to third-degree child molestation, though the conviction will be removed from his record if he successfully completes probation.

Meili met the girl on a dating site. The girl told Meili she was 18, his attorney said.

His attorney said that Meili was “essentially catfished.”

Girl Missing Report

The child was reported missing after she went to meet Meili for a sexual encounter. The girl was reported missing and police spent several hours searching for her – including the area near his apartment – until she was found back at her home when Meili dropped her off.

Girl Found and Allegation on Joseph

Police found her in her bedroom packing a bag so she could leave again.

She told officers she had fallen asleep at Meili’s home but when she woke up she felt as though something sexual had happened to her.

The girl told authorities a few weeks later that Meili had raped her.

Investigation Report

Investigators say semen was found in the girl’s underwear and she tested positive for chlamydia.

Police made contact with Meili over the phone but he claimed to not know what the officer was talking about.

Joseph Meili Charges

Meili was charged with kidnapping, statutory sodomy, and statutory rape but accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty only to a molestation charge.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Joseph Meili, 22, was sentenced last week, third-degree child molestation
  • He was given five years probation
  • He met the girl on a dating app
  • His conviction could be completely wiped from his record if he completes his probation but he will register as a sex offender 
  • He was charged with kidnapping, statutory sodomy, and statutory rape but all charges were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea
  • The Justice who sentenced him has been criticized in the past