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Abduction by Dangerous Rapist Update: Joseph McCann Wiki, Biography, Age, 10 Facts You Need to Know

Joseph McCann Wiki

Joseph McCann Wiki
The 34-year-old is wanted after two women were forced into a black Fiat Punto in the Cheshire town at 6.45pm today.
A ‘dangerous’ man wanted over the rape of three women is suspected to have abducted two more this evening.
Police have sealed off Congleton town center in a bid to find Joseph McCann.

Joseph McCann Suspected Raping of Three

Joseph McCann Wiki

McCann is the chief suspect after two women in London and one in Watford were raped at the end of last month.
Cheshire Police this evening says the Fiat Punto was spotted a short time after the abduction by officers and a car chase ensued.
The car crashed into another and stopped with the abductor – suspected to be McCann –  fleeing on foot.
The two women were left in the car.

McCann is the chief suspect in three sex attacks which are being linked by detectives.

The first attack took place in Watford on April 21 where a woman was approached by a man armed with a knife who drove her around in a car for six hours then raped her.

On April 25, two women were abducted in Chingford and Edgware within the space of 12 hours.
They were both raped then driven to a hotel in Watford where their attacker was unable to book a room. Soon after they managed to escape during a struggle.

Joseph McCann Accused

A serial rape suspect bound a mother with electrical cable and forced her to listen to the screams of her children as he raped them both, a court heard today.

Hours later Joseph McCann allegedly held a 71-year-old and a girl aged just 13 prisoner in the pensioner’s car while he sexually assaulted them.

McCann, from Harrow in north London, went on to goad police, telling them: ‘If you caught me for the first two, the rest would not have happened.’

The 34-year-old is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of raping, sexually assaulting or kidnapping 11 women and children aged 11 to 71 during a sickening two-week rampage in April and May.

Over 15 days between April 20 and May 5, he is said to have carried out attacks across London, Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire.

He kidnapped one young woman and repeatedly raped her while he held her prisoner for over 14 hours.

Jurors heard he kidnapped the 21-year-old woman as she walked home from Pryzm nightclub in Watford in the early hours of April 21.

Serial rapist Joseph McCann given 33 life sentences

The serial rapist Joseph McCann has been handed 33 life sentences with a minimum term of 30 years.
Sentencing McCann at the Old Bailey on Monday, Mr. Justice Edis called for a “systematic and independent” investigation into how he was mistakenly released early from prison to go on to commit the crimes.
McCrow, 34, from Harrow, northwest London, was convicted on Friday for all 37 reasons relating to a 14-day rampage earlier this year from London to Cheshire. He raped eight victims, including a 71-year-old woman and an 11-year-old boy. The boy and his sister were attacked in their own house.
For the remaining four charges, McCann received three sentences of 10 years simultaneously and one of 14 years simultaneously.
Edis turned to McCann at the Old Bailey, although the serial rapist did not appear in court. They include a coward, a violent tyrant and a pedophile. This was a campaign of rape, violence and kidnapping like I’ve never seen or heard before. ”
Some of McCann’s victims were in court for the conviction.
McCann, who was also absent from the trial and on a bad back, refused to participate in his conviction via a video link.
An impact statement of one of his victims was read in court. In it, she said she suffered flashbacks, insomnia, nightmares, chronic pain and fatigue.

10 Facts You Need to Know

  • Joseph McCann accused of raping, sexually assaulting or kidnapping 11 victims 
  • Alleged victims over 15-day rampage were women and children aged 11 to 71 
  • 34-year-old travelled between London, Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire
  • ‘Repeatedly raped woman while he held her prisoner in his car for over 14 hours’  
  • Told police: ‘If you caught me for the first two, the rest would not have happened’

Joseph McCann Wiki