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Joseph DeShan is a former Connecticut priest who was allowed to keep his teaching job in New Jersey despite impregnating a 16-year-old girl at his former job, The Connecticut Post reports.

A New Jersey arbitrator ruled that DeShan should not lose his job because he impregnated a 16-year-old nearly 30 years ago.

According to diocese records, DeShan was removed from St. Augustine Cathedral in Bridgeport in 1989 after beginning a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl who worked in the church rectory.

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She became pregnant less than two years later when she was 16. According to The Post, Bridgeport Bishop Edward Egan had the girl fired from her job and failed to notify the police.

Joseph DeShan Wiki

A year after he was fired, DeShan was hired as an elementary school teacher in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. He is currently an English teacher at Cinnaminson Middle School.

DeShan was removed from the classroom for three weeks after school officials learned of his part in 2002 but was allowed to return, reported. Earlier this year, the school district filed tenure charges against DeShan after the parents of current students complained that a “rapist” was teaching at the school.

An arbitrator ruled earlier this month that DeShan’s past was not enough to remove him from the classroom and allowed him to return.



10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Joseph DeShan Wiki
  • Joseph DeShan Began Abusing 14-Year-Old Girl After Becoming a Priest
  • Church Officials Fired The Girl and Failed to Notify Police
  • DeShan’s Past Was Revealed in 2002
  •  School District Filed Charges Against DeShan After ‘Parental and Societal Views Changed’
  • Arbitrator Walt De Treux Allowed DeShan to Return to Class Despite ‘Rapist’ Complaints
  • SNAP, a survivor’s network for sexual abuse victims, called on New Jersey lawmakers to act.
  • The district argued that DeShan should be removed from his job for “conduct unbecoming a staff member.”
  • His past was not revealed until the Courant published the girl’s story in 2002.
  • DeShan got a job teaching in an elementary school in Cinnaminson, New Jersey in 1990.