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Who is Jose Araza Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Jose Araza Wiki – Jose Araza Biography

Jose Araza is a Florida man arrested on allegations of possessing and distributing child pornography is also accused of “ingesting” underwear.
Araza has been fired as an IT specialist for Lockheed Martin. Araza holds a master’s degree from Florida International University, Judd added.

Jose Araza Age

He is 58 years old.
Jose Araza Child Pornography
“People who look at and lust after child pornography are dangerous people and they may be living next door to you,” Judd said.

pornography Arrested

He was also arrested in the Polk County child pornography operation were a former pair of Disney employees, a local nurse and a local pharmacist.


Investigators learned Jose Araza, 58, purchased and ate soiled underwear, according to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.
“[Araza] was buying these things and ingesting them. Did you hear me?” Judd said. “He was munching on them. This guy’s got a problem.”
Judd revealed the allegations during a press conference for “Operation Guardians of Innocence V,” which led to the arrest of 16 other men now facing a total of more than 1,400 felony charges.
“There’s a market out there,” said Judd. “You know what kinds of things get into soiled underwear, right? Sometimes you think you’re passing gas and you’re not. You can’t trust a fart when you’re over 60. But this guy will buy it.”


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