Canadian Biker Dies in Crash: Jordie Lunn Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jordie Lunn bio

Jordie Lunn Bio

Jordie Lunn is a Canadian mountain biker Legend BMX racer and pardon toting occurring. On Friday, his associates announced that he passed away vis–vis October 9th, 2019, after a catastrophe even though trail riding in Mexico. He was riding in Cabo San Lucas when his partners Darren Berrecloth, Brayden Barrett-Hay, and Greg Watts.

Jordie loses his life an effect-accomplishment exactly what he loved, Lunn’s associates said in an avowal to Pinkbike.

Jordie Lunn Age

He was 36 years old.

Jordie Lunn Girlfriend

Lunn Lived in Victoria, BC taking into account his girlfriend, Caitlin Larsen.

Jordie Lunn Career

Lunn’s career began in earnest as a DH racer in the by now getting into mountain biking through XC. He was the fastest Canadian at Mont-Sainte-Anne in 2003, as nimbly as the highest-ranked North American DH racer in the World Cup standings that year. Shifting his focus to freeriding in films as soon as Ride to the Hills, The Collective, ROAM, and more, he was the first mountain biker to house a corked 720 in 2007. He competed at Crankworx, Red Bull Rampage, and re subsequent to hint to all stage in freeride mountain biking.

Lunn was as well as ably known for his insane biking videos behind some clips getting millions of views concerning speaking YouTube. Since his terrible-budget film days, Jordie had a resurgence in recent years, self-producing wildly popular video parts later Rough AF and making appearances at the freeride quarrel connected to Rampage and the Fest Series. Hes been a friend, coach, and mentor to many going on-and-coming riders, and inspired countless more.
Jordie had an amazing 20+ year career as a mountain biker, his relatives continued. He will always be cherished for his heart and be crazy roughly that he gave to his relatives, links, and fans, as accurately as the amazing triumph that he had approached his bikes.
Jordie Lunn Personality
Jordie’s appearance was intimidating; an immense man, covered in tattoos, gold teeth, and always wearing the most ridiculous kit regarding the mountain. But that was in stark contrast to his gentle flora and fauna and good amiability. It didnt matter if you were a fellow benefit, a boy in a feat, or a young person addict, he had epoch for you.

His keenness was always infectious, and his direction always unquestionable. There are few people in this world for that defense universally loved and acclaimed by their peers and fans. The kids he coached loved him.

Jordie’s amicability, gentle nature, and exuberance for liveliness will be remembered by each and every one mountain bike community.

Jordie Lunn Death

Lunn passed away in Mexico just about Oct. 9 in a tragic trail riding wreck. He was riding in Cabo San Lucas considering friends in the previously the accident occurred and suffered a fatal head insult. Lunn is survived by his parents Bonnie and Brian Lunn, his brothers Craig and Jarrett Lunn, and his girlfriend Caitlin Larsen.

Jordie Lunn Tributes

Greg Watts was when he during the vacation and released a confirmation upon Friday, maxim GUTTED. We at a loose cancel a human that you aspiration everyone could be subsequent to.
If he doesn’t make it to heaven plus heaven doesn’t f*cking exist? I had the pleasure of spending his last few hours rouse behind him along plus [Berrecloth, Brayden Barrett Hay and Lone Wolf Productions] and he was, in reality, enjoying what he loved.
A perfect day of riding in a good location. Just didn’t seem concrete and I yet can’t grasp it. My condolences go out to his relatives because I know he loved his brothers and I know he was their gum.
Darren Berrecloth was as soon as Jordie subsequent to the accident happened and tells TMZ Sports We were riding a mellow trail in Mexico and he came happening curt upon a gap hop and hit his head.
Berrecloth accessory Jordie to me was a pension of my associates as I was an allocation of his. He was a brother to me as we grew taking place in a small town then than nothing new than our parent’s adulation and our drive to ride bikes, have fun and acquire rad.
Jordie was one of a f*cking handy, sibling of two brothers that if you had the pleasure of knowing the trio of bandits at the household you were always upon your toes as you never knew what to your liking of Shenanigans was roughly to go beside.
Ive loved Jordie as a brother from the moment we became riding relations as biking will construct that sticking together in connections. He was always an inspiration to me, to be honest, his operate to see the certain in all when I was down was uplifting.
He had the heart of a lion and the hug of a grizzly bear, Berrecloth says.
This loss to his relatives, his fans and everyone that had the endearing opportunity to meet this amazing individual we call our brother, will be felt for years to the lead as legends never die and Jordie f*cking Lunn in my heart will never be forgotten!!

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • The 36-year-primordial had been riding along a trail in Cabo San Lucas on October 9 following he was vibrant in an accident and sustained fatal head insult
  • Jordie aimless his simulation touch ahead exactly what he loved,’ Lunn’s associates said in an assertion
  • Lunn was known for his outrageous stunt to take effect and often shared videos of himself pulling off stellar feats
  • In 2003, he was the highest-ranked North American DH racer in the World Cup
  • The racer-turned-free accumulation became the first mountain biker to house a corked 720 in 2007
  • Other professional athletes have shared their words of maintenance for Lunn’s familial