Accused of Threatening to Israel Event and Trump Tower: Jonathan Xie Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Jonathan Xie Wiki

Jonathan Xie Wiki

Jonathan Xie from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, is accused of threatening to shoot up a pro-Israel event and saying he wanted to bomb Trump Tower. Xie, 20, was arrested on May 21 by the FBI and accused of attempting to provide material support to Hamas. The FBI said in a press release that agents have been tracking Xie since January 2019.

Jonathan Xie Wiki

Documents in the case say that Xie flirted with the idea of joining the military in order “to learn how to kill.. So I can use that knowledge.” Xie also said of his prospective military career, “Idk if I pass the training … If I should do lone wolf.” Prosecutors in the case that Xie completed the Security Clearance Application for National Security Positions paperwork in February 2019. Xie denied in that form that he had ever associated with anyone involved in terrorist activities. When Xie had to complete the paperwork again due to an error, he answered “No” again to the same question.

Xie Donated $100 to Hamas in 2018

The documents also say that in April 2019, Xie recorded an Instagram Live video in which he said, “I’m gonna go to the f****** pro-Israel march and I’m going to shoot everybody.” During his rant, the documents say Xie discussed his opposition to Zionism and displayed a Hamas flag while showing off a gun. In 2018, prosecutors said that Xie posted on Instagram about making a $100 donation to Hamas saying, “Just donated $100 to Hamas. Pretty sure it was illegal but I don’t give a damn.” Authorities believe Xie sent the money to a Hamas operative in the Gaza Strip. In April 2019, authorities also believe that Xie sent a bitcoin donation to Hamas.

During a different video, Xie is accused of saying, “I want to shoot the pro-Israel demonstrators…you can get a gun and shoot your way through or use a vehicle and ram people… all you need is a gun or a vehicle to go on a rampage…” While on social media accounts, Xie expressed support for North Korea and Saddam Hussein. In another instance, Xie is accused of giving an undercover FBI agent a step-by-step tutorial on how to donate to Hamas.

Jonathan Xie Wiki

Xie Has a History of Mental Illness

Xie has a history of mental illness, an unnamed official told NBC New York. That official said that investigators found three guns in Xie’s home, where he lived with his parents.

Xie Also Made Threats Against Coachella, According to the Feds

In another Instagram post, Xie is accused of making a threat against the Coachella Music & Arts Festival. The alleged threat read, “Someone needs to get a truck filled with explosives and blow up the Coachella event Watch their blood and dead bodies litter the streets.”

Jonathan Xie Wiki

Xie Could Face 100 Years in Prison

The FBI press release on Xie’s arrest states that the suspect could face 100 years in prison if convicted on all counts of providing material support to a designated terrorist organization. U.S. Attorney for Newark, Craig Carpenito said in a statement, “Homegrown violent extremists like Xie are a serious threat to national security. The actions that he took and planned to take made that threat both clear and present, and we commend our law enforcement partners for working closely with us to stop him before he could carry out his plans to commit violence on American soil. We will continue to do everything in our power to safeguard our country and its citizens from the threat of terrorism, whether that threat comes from abroad or – as here – from within.”