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Florida Man Killed Trying to Break Into Home: Jonathan Hernandez Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Jonathan Hernandez Biography

Jonathan Hernandez Biography – Jonathan Hernandez Wiki

Jonathan Hernandez was a 32-year-old Florida man was killed when deputies say he was trying to break into a home in Lehigh Acres and the window he was climbing through closed on him, leaving him pinned and suspended hanging from the window.

According to Lee County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Lieutenant Russell Park, who posted a video of the incident on Facebook:


Jonathan Hernandez tried to break into a house by climbing through a window in a residence at 46th Street Southwest. As Hernandez tried to pass through the window, he unexpectedly closed and kept him in the air. When the lawmakers arrived, they found Hernandez dead.


News-Press reported that the property manager where Hernandez was killed shared a photo with them showing “a person caught in a green-framed window about 5.5 feet above the ground.” The window is closed at his neck and the man’s right arm hangs beside him, his body limp. ”


According to Park, Hernandez is a convicted criminal and “no stranger to law enforcement. He was even arrested in 2014 for being involved in a murder case. ”


A commentator from the Lee County Sherriff Office said Hernandez was the person accused of murder, but Hernandez “beat the charges”.


Missy Plummer said, “I hope she found peace with God. I do not wish ANYONE to die. He was one of four people arrested at the time of my brother’s death and had the audacity to look at me and laugh as he left the witness stand. My little brother. My best friend. When you beat the charges, you would think he’d choose a better lifestyle. ”


Another commentator wrote in response to Corrin Goree Plummer: “My ex was there when he was killed. It was a trap 😢😢😢. Don’t feel bad for getting what it deserves. Either way, he would either go to jail or go to jail, so …


Hernandez’s fiance Patricia Duarte thinks there is more in the story, according to local station NBC 2.


“As soon as I get there, I don’t seem to have any way. What didn’t happen,” he told NBC 2. ” I need a proper investigation. I need real truth to come to light. ”


About Hernandez, “When I first met him, I was like the man who seemed to have a criminal record like El Chapo. And it’s the opposite. He’s probably the sweetest person you’ll ever meet and has the biggest heart. ”


Another friend named Tyson Lane said something similar and told NBC 2, “He’s not a thief. He’s not a thief. He’s not a bad person. This is not him. If he had a roof over his head and you weren’t, he would give you a roof over your head and bring you home. This was something he did for many people, including me. ”


Instagram and Youtube show Hernandez is an aspiring musician who goes by the name lsdUFO or lsdboyz_worldwid3.


On December 2, Hernandez posted on Instagram, “Thank you to all my fans who supported me this year and took the time to keep publishing my music with bigger stuff and more music in 2021.”