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College quarterback was fired from the White House: Johnny McEntee Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Johnny McEntee Biography – Johnny McEntee Wiki

Johnny McEntee, 30, is said to have helped lead a purge of anti-Trump government officials in his role as the head of the Presidential Personnel Office.

He has also warned federal workers to not co-operate with Biden officials since he won the election, according to reports.

And sources told The Washington Post that he had already threatened to dismiss job seekers for their ‘disloyalty’, and that government employees oversaw an interview process to test their loyalty to Trump.


Trump’s number of layoffs has been increasing since Election Day.


McEntee, who said the sources were ‘loyal to a mistake against the president’, was reinstated to the group at the end of 2019, a year after the then-Chief of Staff John Kelly was removed from his post as Trump’s personal assistant.


His dismissal was due to financial problems with gambling. His new role coordinates the screening and recruitment of thousands of federal government employees.


Alongside McEntee, according to his LinkedIn page, James Bacon, 23-year-old college senior, has a long list of Trump-related jobs, starting from being an intern on the Trump campaign.


Among those fired is Defense Secretary Mark Esper, whom Trump forcibly dismissed on Monday.


Also Monday, the White House dismissed Michael Kuperberg, who ran the US Global Change Research Program and reassigned it.


On Friday, the ax fell on FERC head Neil Chatterjee. He went out to investigate carbon taxation. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates energy transmission.


Immediately after the election, the administration also expelled Lisa Gordon-Hagerty as head of the National Nuclear Security Administration.


Bonnie Glick, deputy executive of the US Agency for International Development, was also kicked out.


Trump’s friend Chris Ruddy said of McEntee: ‘The president values ​​him as a very reliable and very loyal man.’


Cabinet members, including the minister of defense, frequently replace winning presidents, but those who lost their presidents kept the Pentagon heads in place until the Inauguration Day to maintain stability in the name of national security.


Trump announced the Esper news in a tweet, saying that Christopher Miller, director of the National Anti-Terrorism Center, will serve as acting secretary alongside Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist, the ministry’s No. 2 official.


‘Chris is going to do a GREAT job!’ Trump tweeted. Mark Esper is killed. Thank you for his service. ‘


Trump’s sudden move to leave Esper triggers questions, including what the president might try to do before leaving office in the next few months, adjustments in the presence of overseas troops, or other national security changes.


But McEntee focuses on recruiting staff with people loyal to management and helping recruit Michael Ellis, according to the report. Ellis, loyal to Trump, was named general adviser to the National Security Service on Monday.


A senior management official said McEntee ‘does not have a basic understanding of how departments work and what skills are required to hold certain positions at Cabinet level’.


They added: “This actually prevented the president from placing unskilled people in senior roles.”


But White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said in a statement: ‘John McEntee supported the President’s initiative from day one and has done an extraordinary job of helping our administration implement the Trump agenda.


“He is a valuable asset to our team and undoubtedly the unfair criticism against him comes from people who don’t know the facts.”


McEntee was fired and removed from the White House in March 2018. reports that McEntee will spend time at the MGM National Harbor casino located just below the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., Oxon Hill, Maryland.


There, McEntee spent $ 250,000 on roulette. McEntee’s six-figure bets overshadowed his then-$ 115,000 per year salary.


McEntee sometimes carried Trump’s belongings on trips and addressed the various logistical needs otherwise had by presidents.


During the campaign, he was featured in the Time Magazine video where he toured the Trump Tower campaign office while boarding the Hoverboard.


His 63-year-old father, John McEntee Sr is a longtime Hollywood agent living in Newport Beach, California.


McEntee Jr attended the University of Connecticut where he was the star quarterback and scored 2,209 yards and 10 goals in 2011-2012.


The actor was known for his trick shots, including blindfold passes.


Politico revealed that Trump was able to reproduce his signature perfectly and used it to send notes to other White House employees condemning or praising them, and then revealing the joke to them.


He also noted that he was a former altar boy.