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Director John Singleton, famous for helming films which include Boyz inside the Hood, 2 speedy 2 furious, and Shaft, suffered a mild stroke on Friday night as said with the aid of TMZ, and remains hospitalized for further checking out. while the fifty one-12 months-old recovers, many of his famous friends in Hollywood have despatched shout outs for him to get higher soon together with Snoop Dogg, Nia lengthy, and Omar Epps.


Singleton has been operating within the industry for a long time as both a director and manufacturer. He became the first African American to be nominated for the Academy Award for the first-class Director in 1992 for Boyz n the Hood, and most recently, he’s the co-creator of FX’s hit collection snowfall.

The USC film graduate who’s earned himself a celeb on Hollywood’s walk of reputation has most effective been married once, to actress Akosua Busia for 12 months. Singleton has 4 youngsters, one with Hadar, 22, Cleopatra, 26, who seemed in his movie toddler Boy, Maasai, 25, and Justice, 26.

10 Fast Facts about John Singleton You Need to Know

  1. He’s the First African American to Be Nominated for Best Director and The Youngest
  2. Furthermore, He will forever be known for creating the iconic film, Boyz n the Hood in 1991
  3. He’s Known for Casting Famous Rappers in His Films
  4. Moreover, He was also the youngest to receive such an honor
  5. Singleton was Ordered to Produce A Short Film on Domestic Violence
  6. Singleton loved to get rappers acting on the big screen
  7. He Once Dated Model Tyra Banks
  8. Singleton pleaded “no contest” to one count of battery against his then-girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Cleopatra
  9. He’s An Emmy Nominated Director of TV
  10. Singleton’s talents are not just used on the big screen, he’s directed episodes for a number of TV series, including BET’s Rebels, and FX series, Snowfall