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John Setka Bio

John Setka Bio, John Setka Wiki

John Setka Bio

John Setka Bio: Union chief John Setka has responded to reports he has been charged over an incident at his home in Melbourne’s west on Boxing Day.

A 54-year-old man has been charged after police were called to an argument on Boxing Day

John Setka has been released on bail and will appear in court next week

Mr. John Setka tweeted that his family had experienced “enormous strain” over the past three years

Police was called to a home in West Footscray on Boxing Day following reports of an argument

Victoria Police said a 54-year-elderly person was captured and accused of a court arrange offense and was discharged on safeguard to show up at the Melbourne Justices Court one week from now.

Mr. John Setka — who is the secretary of the Development, Ranger service, Mining and Vitality Association (CFMEU) Victoria’s development division — tweeted that assaults on him as an associate chief had inflicted significant damage on his family.

John Setka Bio

Mr. John Setka and his association partner Shaun Reardon had protected themselves against extortion charges a year ago, until the point that they were pulled back by examiners in May.

“This has been a tremendous strain on our nuclear family and it has taken it’s [sic] toll on every one of us as people,” Mr. John Setka tweeted.

John Setka likewise requested for security for his family to enable them to recuperate from what he portrayed as “this turbulent period in their lives”.

Father’s Day photograph started the debate

In September a year ago, Head administrator Scott Morrison cautioned the Legislature could endeavor to boycott the CFMEU after Mr. John Setka posted a tweet demonstrating his kids holding a foul sign coordinated at the building business guard dog.

The tweet sent on Dad’s Day, gave the kids holding a hint telling the Australian Building and Development Commission to “go get f***ed”.

“Go get genuine culprits you defeatists,” Mr. John Setka tweeted.

It provoked a searing reaction from the Leader, who proposed he would take a gander at new enactment to additionally direct the associations and possibly try to boycott the CFMEU.

“This is the straw that crushes the camel’s spirit,” Mr. Morrison revealed to Melbourne radio station 3AW.

Mr. John Setka later erased the photograph and tweeted he was “enthusiastic on Dad’s Day after intense year on the family”.

John Setka Bio

John Setka Latest Update

He’s arguably the most famous union official in the country, and yet John Setka’s refusal to step down from his role is creating woes for federal Labor and the broader union movement.

Mr Setka has long been a high-profile leader of the Victorian branch of the militant CFMEU.

But alleged comments about anti-domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty — comments he denies — have led to union leaders and politicians pushing for his removal as state secretary.

What can Labor do to John Setka?

Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese announced on Tuesday that he would ask the Labor Party’s national executive to expel Mr Setkaat its next meeting on July 5.

‘There’s no reason for me to resign’

Construction union boss John Setka says he will remain as the CFMEU’s Victorian secretary as long as members want him there.

In the meantime, the national executive committee suspended Mr Setka’s membership pending the outcome of that meeting.

Mr Albanese is confident he has the support of the national executive, which has the final say, to expel Mr Setka.

Among the 26 members of the national executive, there are members of federal and state parliaments as well as current and former union officials.

Representatives from the CFMEU are national secretary Michael O’Connor and Queensland state secretary Michael Ravbar.

So does that affect his work at the union?

Despite the affiliation between Labor and the CFMEU, Labor has no say over Mr Setka’s role there.

Labor can expel him from the party, and while that is a strong stance against Mr Setka, it does not mean he will lose his union title.

Mr Setka says he will remain as state secretary as long as he retains the support of union members.

It is an elected position, and the state branch would have to meet to vote on removing him. So far, the union remains quiet on any such plans.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • John Setka has refused to step down from the CFMMEU after alleged comments
  • Mr Setka is accused of saying Rosie Batty has led to men having fewer rights 
  • In Wednesday’s press conference Mr Setka was supported by wife Emma Walters
  • Ms Walters said the family are being used as ‘political bait’ throughout the ordeal