Wauwatosa Man Stabbed at Devil’s Lak: John Schmutzer Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
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Wauwatosa Man Stabbed at Devil’s Lak: John Schmutzer Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

John Schmutzer Biography

John Schmutzer Biography – John Schmutzer Wiki

John Schmutzer is a Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, finance manager who was found stabbed to death on a hiking trail at Devil’s Lake, a scenic destination in central Wisconsin.

The 24-year-old worked for a bank in the Milwaukee district. Wauwatosa is a suburb in Milwaukee County. The police did not explain whether there was a definite cause. They gave a somewhat vague definition of the suspect. The victim’s full name was John Craig Schmutzer and was working in the financial sector in the Milwaukee area.


Prior to the murder, Schmutzer visited Hilldale Mall in Madison, Wildcat Mountain State Park in Vernon County and the LaValle area, with officials not sure whether the attack was targeted or random.


Devil’s Lake is a popular destination for hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts in Wisconsin. “Devil’s Lake State Park, located along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, offers spectacular views from 500 meters of quartzite cliffs overlooking a 360-acre lake. Visitors can enjoy nearly 30 miles of hiking trails, lakeshore picnic areas, swimming beaches, paddling opportunities, and year-round nature. “he enjoys his scientist programs.”


The Sauk County Sheriff’s Department and the Wisconsin Natural Resources Department launched a murder investigation at 11:38 p.m. on October 14, 2020.


The death “occurred on the Grottos trail on the South Side of Devils Lake State Park,” the sheriff said. The park is located outside of Baraboo, Wisconsin.


The next day, an autopsy was performed at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin and confirmed that the death was a murder, with the cause of death given as “stabbing.”


The Baraboo News Republic reported that “a witness saw a man attack near the railway tracks”. The newspaper also reported that “the latest witnesses saw the suspect walking towards the parking lot on the south coast” and that a plane was used in vain to try to “follow” the suspect with the closure of local businesses.


At this point, authorities identified the victim as 24-year-old John Craig Schmutzer from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.


This is an active, ongoing investigation. Most details of the investigation will be kept confidential until the investigation is concluded, the sheriff said in a statement posted on the ministry’s Facebook page.


There were many campers in the area at that time. During all this I was camping. I talked to the authorities. They know more about possible explanations based on interviews. I’m sure there are reasons why they didn’t share it. Very sad. I hope they find the man, ”someone wrote on social media.


Some biographical details of Schmutzer have been revealed. According to his LinkedIn page, he worked in commercial banking at BMO Harris Bank in Milwaukee where he was a financial analyst. He has been working for the bank since January 2019.


Prior to that, he worked as an investment banking analyst at Diversified Industries Group, Jefferies, in the New York City area for six months in 2018. He also worked there as an investment banking summer analyst.


In 2017, she worked as a mergers and acquisitions summer intern at Convergence Healthcare Advisors in New York for four months. He also worked for Convergence for four months in 2016, positioning the “chewing brace expertise, boutique bank environment”.


Family obituaries show that Schmutzer is the son of Craig Schmutzer, a banking executive who served on local boards in the Milwaukee area. Schmutzer’s family joins the community. Wauwatosa Rotary Club stated that parents just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary in August.


One person wrote on social media: “I knew John as a kid .. We were classmates for 8 years. He was a good boy. Her mother was also a librarian at our school and she was always very nice. I cannot devote my mind to this issue. I’m so sorry. I wish my condolences to his family … ”


The Sheriff’s Department search came at 11:38 am on October 14, as “a report of disturbance, a possible attempted murder, on the Grottos trail to the south of Devil Lake State Park.”


“Upon arrival of the first responders, a 24-year-old man was found on the trail, obviously dead of murder violence. The scene was secured, and the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office and Wisconsin Natural Resources Department launched a joint investigation into the incident, ”he said.


They stated that there were “multiple witnesses” interviewed and that the mobile crime scene unit of Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory was at the scene.


The “suspect is described as a male between 5’10” and 6:00 pm, wearing a dark headscarf and a dark face cover. He left the scene of walking westward through the caves towards the parking lot on the south bank of Devils Lake. The Sheriff’s Department wrote that the suspect is still missing.


They said Devils Lake State Park was reopening to visitors.


“Investigators are located on the south side of Devils Lake State Park, near the south shore park area, the grottos track or the railroad tracks, between roughly 11:00 and 12:15 on October 14 and asking you to witness this incident. Something suspicious you believe, call Sauk County Crime Stoppers from 1888-TIP-SAUK (847-7285) and provide this information, “he said.


“Investigators have observed and are aware that people are taking pictures of varying landscape colors in the area, and they are asking citizens if there are photographs taken in that area, if they accidentally took a picture of a matching suspect. explanation.”


The Devil’s Lake website says: “A vehicle entry tag is required to visit state park system facilities. State trail pass is required on certain tracks. Annual stickers and cards can be purchased online or by phone. Daily stickers and cards, self-recording stations, electronic kiosk.” or can be purchased from separate properties through the trolley window service. ”


According to the LinkedIn page, Schmutzer studied Finance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduated in 2018.


He was in the investment banking club.


People prayed on social media. I’m sorry you visited my hometown and that’s what happened. I am so disappointed in this world and this is very sad. I pray to his family and I hope they find the person who did this to him. What’s wrong with people today? “A woman wrote on the Facebook page of the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department.


Dave Anderson, Managing Director of BMO Harris Bank, Schmutzer’s employer, praised him to TMJ4 News.


“John Schmutzer was an extremely respected and very popular member of our team at BMO, and the news about his death deeply sadden us. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time, ”Anderson told the TV station.