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Lawyer kills wife with COVID-19 on Christmas, then kills himself: John Liquori Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

John Liquori Biography

John Liquori Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth

A Connecticut couple John Liquori and Cindy Liquori is dead in an apparent-murder suicide after family members had become infected with the coronavirus.

Cindy Liquori and John Liquori were found dead on Friday at Windsor Locks, where Cindy sat dog for her mother who was hospitalized with COVID-19, according to Hartford Courant. Cindy Liquori was also infected, and John may have been infected as well.


John Liquori was a well-known divorce lawyer and Cindy Liquori is the owner of Cindy Soap Hut in East Windsor. The couple lived in Sheffield. Before they died, John reportedly called his wife’s brother from his mother-in-law’s house on Friday and told him to take the old woman’s dog. John called again and looked miserable, but what was being discussed is not clear from the report.


Brother-in-law went home around 6 pm. On Friday, we found both John and Cindy dead in bed. A preliminary police investigation reveals that John shot his wife while she was sleeping, then lay down next to her and fatally shot herself.


Friends and colleagues reportedly said the murder-suicide was shocking. Authorities have yet to comment on a possible cause, and it is unclear whether deaths are believed to be linked to coronavirus-infected family members.

Investigators were told that Cindy Liquori had the disease and her husband, John Liquori, may have had it as well, Windsor Locks Detective Sgt. Jeff Lampson said Monday. Cindy Liquori’s mother, Claire Palmer, was undergoing treatment for COVID-19 at a local hospital, police said.


Cindy Liquori, 55, was at Palmer’s house on Dale Street Friday when her husband, 59, shot her and then shot and killed himself, authorities said.


A state police source said Cindy Liquori, who lived with her husband in Suffield, was dog sitting while her mother was in the hospital. Cindy Liquori was shot in her sleep and John Liquori then lay down beside her on the bed and shot and killed himself, the source said.


John Liquori had called Cindy’s brother on Friday evening and asked him to come over and pick up Palmer’s dogs, Lampson said. Shortly after, Liquori called back and sounded more distraught.


“The conversation they had raised serious concerns,” Lampson said.


Cindy Liquori’s brother entered the house and found their bodies at about 6 p.m. At least one firearm, a revolver, was found, police said.


Autopsies have been conducted but the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner could provide no further information Monday afternoon.


John Liquori was a well-known divorce lawyer with an office in Suffield. He had been a family court attorney for 33 years and was listed as the attorney of record on many cases on the state judicial branch website, mostly in Hartford Superior Court.


He was part of a tight circle of lawyers in the small north-central Connecticut town, said David E. Kelly, who also practiced law in town and knew Liquori, both as a friend and an occasional legal adversary.


Kelly described Liquori as a genial man who had a firm grasp of the law. “Divorce work is a brutal business under the best of circumstances,” Kelly said. “He was someone who understood the law and how to practice it.”


Kelly described the Liquoris as “wonderful people,” and added: “this is a real shock.”


Cindy Liquori was the owner of Cindy’s Soap Cottage in East Windsor. John Liquori also was listed on state documents as part of the LLC that owns the store. The couple had one child.

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