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Joey Gibson Biography

Joey Gibson Biography

Joseph Gibson is an American far-right political activist. He is the founder of Patriot Prayer, a group which has organized protests in Portland, Oregon, and other cities.

Joey Gibson Age

He is 35 years old

Joey Gibson Nationality

Gibson resides in Vancouver, Washington. He was born in Camas, Washington.

Joey Gibson Ethnicity

He is of Irish and Japanese descent.

Joey Gibson Married, Wife

Gibson is married to Haley Gibson.

Joey Gibson Career, Patriot Prayer

Gibson founded the far-right group Patriot Prayer in 2016.

On February 25, 2018, Gibson announced that he would be running as a Republican in the 2018 election for the United States Senate seat from Washington, seeking to unseat incumbent Democrat Maria Cantwell. Gibson was defeated in the primary election, receiving only 2.3% of the votes cast.

Gibson describes himself politically as a “moderate libertarian”, but his organization has been described in the media as “alt-right”. Gibson denies that his group is alt-right, and has disavowed white supremacists who frequently appear at his events.

Gibson supports a pathway to citizenship for non-criminal illegal immigrants. He supports the decriminalization of marijuana and same-sex marriage. Gibson advocates for the establishment of term limits for the U.S. Congress, implementation of a national sales tax, and the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service. He opposes what he describes as the undue influence of the pharmaceutical industry on healthcare in the United States.

During a March 2018 campaign rally in Spokane Valley, Washington, Gibson expressed opposition to Antifa, a group that frequently protests at his events, and said regarding white nationalists, “I would say the same thing to them that I would say to any black nationalist or Mexican nationalists group, we have to drop the identity of politics and focus on what is on the inside.” He has said freedom of speech is a central element to his platform. Gibson’s views have been described as “a complicated muddle” by the Inlander and “basically Alex Jones meets Bernie Sanders” by The Stranger.

The Proud Boys, a far-right group, have also been present at several of Gibson’s events.

In February 2019, Willamette Week reported that a Portland police lieutenant kept in close touch with Gibson, passing on to him intelligence about the anti-fascist movement in the city. He also advised Gibson on how a Patriot Prayer member could avoid being arrested. The Portland Police Bureau announced that they were beginning an investigating into the relationship between the office and Gibson.

On August 15, 2019, Gibson was indicted for a riot by the Multnomah County District Attorney.

Joey Gibson Arrested

Authorities arrested the leader of a right-wing institution on the eve of a rally it’s expected to attract human beings from across the U.S. To Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, prompting Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson to urge his fans to ‘display up 100-fold’ in response.

Self-defined anti-fascists have vowed to confront the proper-wing groups on the downtown rally and the arrests of Gibson and 5 different proper-wing supporters regarded to be supposed to ship a sign from police to organizers to remain peaceful or live away.

Extra than two dozen nearby, nation and federal law enforcement companies, such as the FBI and the Federal defensive provider, have been in Portland Saturday to help police there display the rally it really is anticipated to attract demonstrators from across the U.S.

Joey Gibson Antifa Portland Protest 2019

Hundreds of right-wing activists and those protesting their presence and message converged Saturday morning near the Morrison Bridge in Tom McCall Waterfront Park as long-planned opposing demonstrations got underway — but many appeared to leave after a couple of hours.

Police formed a physical barricade beneath the bridge to separate the rival groups, with the Proud Boys and their supporters to the south and counter-protesters to the north. Some members of the groups exchanged heated words and taunted one another, though police kept them mostly at a distance.

Portland police said officers seized multiple weapons from groups, including bear spray, shields and metal poles.

No significant skirmishes were reported, then shortly after noon the Proud Boys and other right-wing groups said they were leaving. Some had already left Waterfront Park, crossing the closed Hawthorne Bridge, which police said they temporarily reopened to allow passage for those who wanted to leave.

Hundreds still milled about the park and nearby streets about 12:45 p.m., and officers reportedly deployed pepper-balls at Southwest First Avenue and Madison Street, where a significant number of left-wing demonstrators gathered. Hundreds still milled about the park and nearby streets about 12:45 p.m., and officers reportedly deployed pepper-balls at Southwest First Avenue and Madison Street, where a significant number of left-wing demonstrators gathered.

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Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Authorities arrested the leader of a right-wing group on the eve of a rally that’s expected to draw people from around the U.S. to Portland, Oregon, on Saturday
  • Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson Gibson surrendered Friday on an arrest warrant for rioting
  • He was at a confrontation that broke out on May 1 outside a bar where members of the so-called ‘antifa’ movement had gathered after a May Day demonstration 
  • Gibson urged his followers to ‘show up one hundred-fold’ in Portland in response
  • More than two dozen local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the Federal Protective Service, were in Portland Saturday 
  • Authorities will monitor the rally that’s expected to draw demonstrators from around the U.S.
  • Ahead of the protests, Donald Trump tweeted that he is giving ‘major consideration’ to naming Antifa a terror organization