Joe Hildebrand Biography

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Joe Hildebrand Biography

Joe Hildebrand  is an Australian journalist, television and radio presenter.

Joe Hildebrand Biography

Hildebrand writes for The Daily Telegraph newspaper and co-hosts the daytime television program Studio 10 with Network Ten.

Early life and education

Hildebrand was born in Melbourne and grew up in Dandenong, in outer Melbourne. He attended Dandenong Primary School, Dandenong High School and the University of Melbourne, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in History and English, and edited the student newspaper Farrago. In 2000, he moved to Sydney where he started work as a cadet journalist with Australian Associated Press.

Prior to joining The Daily Telegraph, Hildebrand worked as the New South Wales political correspondent for Australian Associated Press and also worked in London for the Press Association.


Hildebrand was co-awarded a “high commendation” at the 2004 Walkley Awards.

Joe Hildebrand Biography

Hildebrand appeared on the ABC’s national talk program, Q&A, on 30 May 2011, 12 September 2011 and 10 August 2015. He has also made several appearances on the ABC’s national current affairs program, The Drum, since December 2010. He has had a weekly spot on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show as well as Sky News Australia talk program Paul Murray Live.

Hildebrand was the host of television series Dumb, Drunk and Racist, which debuted on ABC2 on Wednesday 20 June 2012. Dumb, Drunk and Racist followed Hildebrand and four Indian travelers around Australia to test whether the popular Indian perception of Australians as stupid, intoxicated bigots was correct. Early figures for the first episode had average audience numbers in the five capital cities alone at 266,000, with a peak of just under 320,000. He went on to host Shitsville Express which aired 2 July 2013 on ABC2.

In November 2013, Hildebrand joined Network Ten’s new morning show Studio 10 as a panelist alongside Sarah Harris.

From January to December 2014, Hildebrand was the co-host of a national drive time radio program with Matt Tilley on Triple M.

Joe Hildebrand Biography

Personal life

Hildebrand is married with 2 children. On 18 April 2019, on Studio 10, it was announced they were expecting their third child, a girl, in 2019.

Joe Hildebrand Latest Update

Commentator Joe Hildebrand informed me this morning that one of my Twitter followers is a murderer.

He can’t tell me which one, of course. He’s speaking statistically, not to me directly, in a comment piece he published to justify the remarks he made on Studio 10 earlier this week.

In the show, Hildebrand was in a conversation with activist Phil Cleary, held in the wake of another brutal alleged murder of a woman, Courtney Herron. Victoria Assistant Police Commissioner, Luke Cornelius has said: “violence against women is absolutely about men’s behavior”.

Joe Hildebrand Biography

Cleary – whose own sister was murdered by a man in 1987 – urged the need for men to collectively address the sexism of pervasive cultural traditions. The overwhelming narrative of the culture we’ve inherited still positions women as expendable objects, deserving of lesser status while defining “masculinity” as a capacity for physical force and brutality. The moral obligation of men who didn’t want women to be murdered, argued Cleary, was “to explain to men everywhere how we’ve got to revisit our relationship to women and the position of women in society.”