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Jodie Crews Wiki – Jodie Crews Biography

A mother and daughter are lucky to be alive after an 80-year-old WWII bomb exploded in the kitchen sink, which they found on the beach.


Jodie Crews, 38, of Kent, Deal, and her eight-year-old daughter Isabella, initially thought the grenade was a fossil or an ancient bone.


Ms Crews said, ‘I posted photos on fossil and archeology sites and got lots of replies, but no one said it could be a grenade.


One woman thought it looked like a whale vomit and said I could find out by poking her with a hot needle. He said there would be a white smoke.


Crews and Isabella later experienced the shock of their lives when the grenade suddenly turned into flames in their home’s dining room.


Mrs Crews said, ‘It turned into a fireball. My daughter screamed and ran through the back door. I grabbed the grenade and ran across my hand to the kitchen where I threw it down the sink.


We switched to survival mode.


Then I ran upstairs to wet a towel and tossed it on it and threw it out. Adrenaline must have stepped in and took control.


My first thought was to save my daughter, house, cats and dogs. While my daughter was safely in the garden, I ran upstairs to get the cats – we have four kittens three weeks old – and we gathered our two dogs, Teegan, a border collie and Lulu, a Pomeranian. ”


Meanwhile, neighbors rushed to their aid and someone called the fire department.


The WWII bomb burned itself in the sink, but melted part of the plastic window sill, damaged the sink, and filled the house with smoke.


Jodie, who works for the City County Council, which deals with adults with learning difficulties, said: “I have been told not to drink from the taps, as some chemicals in the grenade might have been on top. It was a fireman who said it was a grenade. He said it was normally covered in a protective wax coating.


He added: Isabella wanted a metal detector for Christmas. I think after this incident it could result in a Nintendo Switch instead. It will be safer. ‘


The two stumbled upon the grenade while walking along the Sandown beach last Saturday.


Mrs Crews recalled: ‘We were taking the dogs for a walk and I found her on pebbles. As we like to do things, we usually collect pieces of glass and wood chips. We are very flamboyant and cunning.


They had strange backs and looked more like a piece of bone. It was not very heavy and weighed the same as a bag of sugar. I thought it might be an old knee joint. It didn’t feel metallic at all. ‘


The couple took it to the house they were proud of at the living room table. On Thursday, after reading the suggestions on social media, Jodie settled on the carpet to examine the object with a pin.


As soon as I put the pin in, the case seemed to melt a little and then everything turned into a fireball. We were incredibly lucky. It could have been a hundred times worse. All my friends promised never to take anything from the beach again. ”


He believes that the 80-year-old grenade from the Second World War may have been washed away by recent storms and high tides.


She added: ‘My daughter was incredibly brave and did everything right. He ran to security and asked for help. I am very proud of him. ‘