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Joanna Schroeder Bio

Joanna Schroeder Bio

Joanna Schroeder is from California. She is a Feminist writer an editor with an eye on issues surrounding raising boys.

Joanna Schroeder Children

She is the mother of three children.

How she spotted the extremist messaging

Schroeder decided to dig deeper with her sons, one a teen and the other a tween when she heard them saying words that had been used by trolls against her.
As a writer who has published pieces about men’s issues among other topics, Schroeder has suffered online criticism and abuse from those who virulently disagree with her.
“I know that the people who bothered me and harassed me and made my life miserable for all these years are influencing my kids,” Schroeder told CNN. “These are my sweet gentle boys saying this stuff.”
she says she is progressive and liberal, before adding she does not shun mainstream conservative thought.
But she was jolted when she heard her elder son talking about being “triggered.”
“You’ll hear this from your conservative uncle, and you may also hear this from a kid that’s getting a lot of alt-right messaging online — that everyone’s too sensitive today,” she said. “That is entryway kind of terminology. It’s not racist. No, it’s not. But it’s often used against people who are calling out racism or sexism or homophobia.”

Other terms she tells parents to listen for include snowflake; Kek, a form of “lol” that sometimes refers to an ironic white nationalist ‘religion’; cuck; chad; Demonoid; beta; “Blood and Soil,” and the numbers 14 or 88, for their association with Hitler and Nazism.

Targeted to teens

Schroeder does not suggest that white teens are necessarily looking for extremist content, but the way the extremist content is constructed — whether it’s ironic, irreverent or snarky — seems tailor-made for them.

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