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Jimmy Manyi Wiki: Jimmy Mzwanele Manyi January 20, 1964,  is the current spokesperson for the government of South Africa and the chairman of both the Black Management Forum and the chairman of the Labor Equality Commission. Jimmy Manyi has a background in economic geology and held a number of positions in business as well as the post of director general of the Department of Labor (2009-’10).

Jimmy Manyi Racial politics

In February 2011 Jimmy Manyi was discredited on the proposed changes to the labor laws of South Africa. The most important of these was a change in the imposed quota for the business sector. Whereas employers have so far demanded that their staff reflect the composition of the local community in terms of race, the changes required them to follow the composition of the entire country.

This would have far-reaching consequences especially for the colored community of the Western Cape and the Indians of KwaZulu-Natal. In the province of Western Cape the colored people are by far the largest community, but measured across the country they are only 10% of the population. Therefore, they could only take 10% of the jobs, even in those areas where they constitute 60% of the population. Asked about this, Jimmy Manyi stated that there was a “surplus” of colored people in the Cape and that they would then have to look for a job in the rest of the country. One problem was that there are Jimmy Manyi prejudices in the black community with regard to people of mixed race and that the economy in the other provinces of South Africa is running less well than at the Cape. Estimates have shown that in this way about one million colored people and half a million Indians would lose their jobs.

Since Verwoerd ‘s racial politics, people were no longer so disrespectful about their race. This even brought Minister Trevor Manuel, who for Jimmy Manyi years as one of the few colored people the ANC served mainly as Minister of Finance, to Jimmy Manyi openly call a racist and compare him with Verwoerd.

In this development, a generation conflict between an older and a younger generation was seen in the ANC, the latter of which did not take it as closely with the ideals of Nelson Mandela et al. To build a non-racist society.  Nevertheless, the plans for legislative changes had already been adopted by the Cabinet. Nevertheless, the Minister of Labor Mildred Oliphant tried to throw oil on the waves by stating that it was only proposals from its predecessor. 

Jimmy Manyi  Latest News

Mzwanele Jimmy Manyi has finally let the cat out of the bag.

Last week Jimmy Manyi revealed on Twitter that he would make an announcement about his new political home ahead of the 2019 national elections. Jimmy Manyi speculated that he would be launching his own party, but that was clearly not the case.

After decades as a member of the ANC, on Wednesday the former government spokesperson announced that he was joining the African Transformation Movement, simply known as the ATM.

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