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Running Child-Cancer Charity Scam: Jim Benvie Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter

Jim Benvie Wiki

Jim Benvie Wiki

Jim Benvie, a spokesman with the United Constitutional Patriots, is accused of running a child cancer charity scam in a report published by the Daily Beast. The leader of the UCP has previously been identified as Larry Mitchell Hopkins.

Jim Benvie Wiki

Benvie is well known for his Facebook activity where he live streams his exploits while he patrols the U.S./Mexico border. At the time of writing, Benvie’s last live stream came around four hours before the publication of the Daily Beast report. Benvie’s Facebook page is adorned with questionable claims about border security, guns and the Democratic Party. The page also offers seemingly unquestionable support for President Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association. In April 2019, Benvie was quoted by the Associated Press as saying the UCP’s role was to assist the “stressed and overstrained Border Patrol.”

Jim Benvie Arrested

After arresting him, the lieutenant found two GoFundMe pages that appeared to have been started by Benvie, each under a different variation of his name. The first was called “Join Ryans Flight Crew” and the other was called “Bella Walk A Thon,” according to the affidavit.

Jim Benvie Wiki

Jim Benvie Fake Gofoundme Pages

The Daily Beast was able to locate a GoFundMe campaign by a Christopher Benvie, his middle name, titled “Bella’s Walk-A-Thon,” which had raised $343 and was no longer active. The other page could not be found.

FBI Investigation Report

Jim Benvie Wiki

Criminal Affidavit that Benvie ‘Was Raising Money for a Child He Was Unable to Provide Any Information About

The Daily Beast report details a July 2018 incident when police were contacted in Guthrie, Oklahoma, by a man saying that he had located a stolen yellow Penske truck. The truck was parked in the parking lot of a Golden Chick restaurant. When a local police Lieutenant Mark Bruning went to the scene, he said he found Benvie inside the restaurant collecting money for a child with cancer.

Benvie went on to say that he was raising money for a child in Tennessee who was suffering from cancer. Inside the truck, Bruning said that he found pamphlets showing a boy with a scar on his head with the words, “Help Ryan Beat Cancer,” written across it. The Daily Beast, quoting from a criminal affidavit, reported: “it’s believed that Benvie was committing fraud by collecting donations for [a] child with cancer that he was unable to provide any information about.” Benvie has not been charged in relation to the allegations of fraud. He has pleaded not guilty to stealing the Penske truck.

Benvie Has Denied the United Constitutional Patriots Are ‘a Bunch of Armed Lunatics’

In an Associated Press report detailing alleged plans from the UCP to assassinate public figures such as President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and liberal philanthropist George Soros, Benvie was quoted as saying the report was “fake news.” Benvie went on to say, “It’s a false narrative that we’re a bunch of armed lunatics and we’re holding kids at gunpoint.”

Jim Benvie Wiki