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Who is Jessica Camilleri Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Jessica Camilleri Wiki – Jessica Camilleri Biography

A mad woman who beheaded her own mother bombarded a meat worker with more than 100 phone calls a day threatening to “throw his wife’s head into the toilet”.


Jessica Camilleri was found guilty of manslaughter last week after a violent attack on her home in St Clair, west of Sydney, in July 2019, in which she beheaded her mother Rita.


The 25-year-old had developed a ‘great love’ to Matt Layfield, a 33-year-old meat worker and businessman living in Victoria with his wife, before he was put in jail.


A court saw a picture of him online with a phone number for the Highland Meats business and heard they would call him and his employees more than 100 times each day.


The searches generally began quite pleasantly, but resulted in Jessica threatening to behead himself and his wife, Mr. Layfield told The Daily Telegraph.


He said he wanted to flush his wife’s head into the toilet during the trial of the New South Wales Supreme Court.


When he finally learned of Mrs. Camilleri’s fate, Mr. Layfield said that his stomach was sick.


She had spoken to the single mother several times about her daughter’s behavior.


Mr. Layfield felt that Mrs. Camilleri was struggling to cope with his increasingly erratic behavior on the road to Jessica’s death.


You could feel the horror he was experiencing, and especially when he was broken on the phone that day.


“He felt like he didn’t help him at all, I just feel sorry for him.”


Mr. Layfield said he had no doubt that Mrs. Camilleri was a ‘kind woman’ who was isolated and did her best to help her daughter get the help she needed.


Jessica had developed an unhealthy obsession with horror movies before beheading her mother.


The jury hearing heard the 25-year-old boy, who had extensive mental health problems and was recognized by the authorities, asking the first responders if they could stand up his mother.


It was determined that he was not guilty of murder because he did not understand his actions.


While Jessica has been in custody since the horrific attack, Mr. Layfield said that ‘his soul was playing on him’, ‘he was very involved in something you see in the movies’.


‘I have to mentally acknowledge the difference that something as simple as taking out trash cans in the dark makes,’ he said.


Ms. Camilleri’s friends previously told Daily Mail Australia that she made a lot of sacrifice to support Jessica and take care of her because of her serious mental health problems.


Her marriage deteriorated as a result of Jessica’s actions, and she felt insecure that even her other daughter was at home.


However, he did not get tired of supporting his 57-year-old daughter and getting the medical treatment she needed.


After years of disturbing explosions, Jessica claims that one day she saw “red” and began attacking her mother.


After the brutal attack, Rita Camilleri’s head was found outside on the path, and her blood-soaked body was at the tip of her pupils, tongue and nose in the kitchen.


An autopsy revealed that he had been stabbed at least 100 times and sustained more than 30 defensive wounds on each hand.


The lead witness told the NSW Supreme Court that Jessica, suffering from complex psychiatric disorders and autism spectrum disorder, stopped taking her medication six months before the attack.


Camilleri, who is in custody, will go to court for a conviction hearing in February.