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Jessica Barnes (Marty Jannetty’s Wife) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Jessica Barnes (Marty Jannetty’s Wife) Biography, Jessica Barnes Wiki

Jessica Barnes is best known for being the wife of  Marty Jannetty, an American professional wrestler. He has worked for promotions including the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, the American Wrestling Association, World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling, and has won a total of 20 championships.
Marty Jannetty’s social media has surprised fans before but seems like he recently told an old story where he admitted to making a man “disappear” in a Facebook post (since deleted).

Jessica Barnes & Marty Jannetty

Jessica Barnes has been together for 20 years. They celebrated their wedding in 2010. Marty sometimes posts photos of his wife on his social media pages. On August 3, his wife posted a captioned phot, “When I first met her in Cleveland, she instantly became his wife. 20 years later it still looks good … new ex-wife .. haha ​​.. wait? “lol

Marty Jannetty Confesses to Making a Man Disappear in a FB Post

On August 5, Jannetty debuted on Facebook and at the age of 13 published a story about him. He was taking marijuana with a homophobic slurry from a man he mentioned. He tried to drag a young Jannetty across the bowling alley as this man claimed. Jannetty apparently “disappeared” for the first time a man.
I didn’t tell that to anyone, even my brother Geno … because Geno was going to kill him and I didn’t want my brother to go away, hell had just arrived from Vietnam. When I was 13 years old, I was working on Victory Roads, the bowling alley that worked there … and put your hands on me … dragged me to the back of the building … you know what you’re trying to do anyway.
I was the first time a man disappeared .. they never found him .. They looked at the Chattahoochee River shoulda .. but Winnie (the girl in these pictures) I fuck a lot, probably my favorite .. but then I promised myself, no one caught me It would never hurt me again. .. includes you … i love you but you hurt me with jealous Jamaica .. you can go your own way, i don’t need you. ”
We’re not 100% sure what’s going on with Marty Jannetty. It is not really possible to tell him. Regardless of the context, this is still a story to be heard.
The incident in question occurred about 47 years ago. Jannetty is now 60 years old, and if there was an open case for a missing person in the last Victory Roads bowling hall in 1973, Jannetty could be a good person to call.