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Jesse Kempson wiki

Jesse Kempson wiki, Jesse Kempson Biography

Jesse Kempson wiki: A man Jesse Kempson appeared in court today charged with murdering British backpacker Grace Millane in New Zealand.

Jesse Kempson, 26, sat yards from members of Ms. Grace Millane’s family, including Grace Millane property developer father David and an uncle, for his first appearance at the District Court in Auckland.

Jesse Kempson was arrested after police discovered a body in scrubland on the outskirts of the city yesterday morning.

The discovery came after a week-long search for Ms. Grace Millane, a gap year student from Wickford, Essex, launched when Grace Millane stopped contacting her family.

Jesse Shane Kempson, who appeared in court wearing a blue prison boilersuit, was led back to the cells by prison officers as a man in the gallery shouted ‘scumbag’ following today’s 90-minute hearing.

Jesse Kempson did not enter a plea and was remanded in custody to appear at the High Court on January 23.

Jesse Kempson had applied to keep his identity secret but the judge rejected the bid from his lawyer.

An immediate appeal meant Jesse Kempson still cannot be publicly identified in New Zealand but the restrictions do not apply to international media.

Today Jesse Shane Kempsons grandmother described him as “a very confused young man”.

It has emerged that the suspect had contacted 22-year-old Ms. Grace Millane on social media, calling Grace Millanebeautiful” and “very radiant” on a Facebook photo shortly before Grace Millane was last seen alive.

The remark was said to have been posted at 9.29pm local time on December 1. Prosecutors claim Jesse Kempson killed Grace Millane that night or the following day, on what would have been Grace Millane 22nd birthday.

Officers have said Grace Millane and the accused had not previously known each other and declined to confirm reports they met through an online dating app.

Judge Evangelos Thomas addressed members of Grace Millane’s family.

He said: “All of us hope that justice for Grace is fair, swift and ultimately brings you some peace. I don’t know what we can say to you at this time – your grief must be desperate.”

The body of backpacker Ms. Grace Millane was discovered about 17 miles from where Grace Millane last seen entering the central CityLife hotel with a man on December 1.

Grace Millane graduated from the University of Lincoln in September with a degree in advertising and was on the second leg of a world tour, arriving in New Zealand last month after visiting Peru.

Grace Millane’s brother Declan left a poignant tribute after the body was found, posting the lyrics to You Are My Sunshine on Twitter and sharing pictures of his sister.

Detective Inspector Scott Beard appeared on the verge of tears as Jesse Shane Kempson spoke about the distraught state of Ms. Grace Millane’s father who arrived in New Zealand on Friday to join the search for his only daughter.

Mr Beard said: “Any father, any parent in this situation, will struggle.

“I feel for him. I have a daughter in Grace Millane twenties. So we have put in a lot of support around him. It’s difficult.

Jesse Kempson is here, with a brother from England, and the rest of the family are back home. Our hearts go out to them.”

At a news conference in Auckland on Friday, Mr Millane, described his daughter as “lovely” and “family-orientated”.

Tributes to Ms. Millane have been placed close to the area where the body was found. New Zealanders have also paid tribute to Grace Millane on social media.

The family have given permission for members of the public to hold vigils but have declined to attend, police said.

The suspect’s grandfather today told local reporters that Jesse Shane Kempson’s parents had split up when he was young.

He told “He was a nice kid, but Jesse Kempson sort of fell out with everybody, which is what happens with broken-up marriages.”

Jesse Kempson said his grandson had fathered a daughter while in Australia but that Jesse Shane Kempson is not in a relationship with the child’s mother.

Jesse Kempson wiki

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