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Jerry Stritzke, 58, announced on Monday that he would be stepping down from his post as president and CEO of the REI co-op,

Jerry Stritzke Net Worth and Sallary

a job that made him $2.8 million in 2017 and a little over $9.5 million over the past three years. That money allowed him and his wife Edith to move into a $4.8 million mansion on uber-exclusive Mercer Island while Stritzke was working at REI, whose profits soared to a record $2.62 billion in 2017 under his leadership. Stritzke was forced to sell that mansion however last year and move into a $2 million bachelor pad on the Puget Sound in Seattle while his wife is just down the street in her own $3 million home according to property records obtained by That bachelor pad may soon be back on the market again however now that Stritzke is unemployed. We update all data about Jerry Stritzke wiki, Jerry Stritzke Biography, how old is and who is Jerry Stritzke from a reliable source and other updates maybe publish as soon as available.

REI Statement about Jerry Stritzke

REI announced in a statement. The company’s board accepted Stritzke’s resignation “following an investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding a personal and consensual relationship between the REI CEO and the leader of another organization in the outdoor industry.” The investigation, which found no evidence of financial misconduct, was conducted by an external law firm and overseen by REI’s board of directors.

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