Who is Conception Captain: Jerry Boylan Bio, Wiki, Age, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jerry Boylan Bio

Jerry Boylan Bio

Jerry Boylan is the captain of the Conception boat who catches fire and 34 people died in the incident. Jerry Boylan was jumped off and was rescued, it can be heard on US Coast Guard radio communication with the captain. Thirty-four are unaccounted for and presumed dead.

Jerry Boylan Age

He is years old.

Jerry Boyl Diving Boat Incident 34 Dies

Coast Guard officials said four bodies have been recovered and up to 30 people are believed to be missing after a 75-foot commercial diving boat erupted in flames near the shoreline of Santa Cruz Island, Calif., early Monday.

Many aboard the boat, identified as the Conception, were thought to be sleeping below deck when the fire broke out in the pre-dawn hours. Authorities continued their search Monday for possible survivors, as the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s coroner office prepared for a mass casualty incident.

“We’re gearing up resources to be able to handle the potential for a lot of fatalities off of this boat,” Raney said.

Five crew members were already awake and jumped off the boat, which was 20 yards offshore of the north side of Santa Cruz Island near the Ventura County coast, according to U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Monica Rochester.

Truth Aquatics Boat Conception

Truth Aquatics, the company that owns Conception, is a respected name in the diving world, running several boats off the Channel Islands. Owner Glen Fritzler won the California Scuba Service Award earlier this year for his pioneering work in the industry.

According to California Diving News, Fritzler built the Conception in 1981 and it was a major part of his life and business.